Crossing the Line

What red lines need to be crossed before companies retreat from foreign markets? Does it depend on the size of the investment and do companies in different sectors play by different rules? What are the reputational risks of getting this wrong? In Business talks to Leo Martin about the pros and cons of staying in…

EU data protection laws adopted into UK law

The government’s plans to revise the UK’s data protection laws, announced this month, will effectively ensure that the UK remains compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is applicable from May 2018. This announcement is helpful for businesses and should clarify some of the confusion around the need or otherwise to prepare…

GoodCorporation issues guide for data protection management as Parliament revises regulation

Brian Collett from Ethical Performance writes: Businesses are now being told they should build data protection into their core activities in a guide issued to ensure they satisfy new IT legislation. They are reminded that following the rules will enhance their reputation and help them to avoid heavy fines for non-compliance. Introducing its guide, Good Corporation, the…

Most admired companies show strength of culture

GoodCorporation speak to Agenda Magazine about the importance of establishing a strong ethical culture.

Unruly, reckless start-ups must eventually behave

In the August issue of Governance & Compliance Magazine, GoodCorporation looks at company culture and argues that even ground-breaking start ups need to learn to play by the rules.