Business Ethics, Compliance and Corporate Responsibility

GoodCorporation works with leading organisations in the field of business ethics, compliance and corporate responsibility.

We provide a range of services that help companies to measure, manage and embed responsible business practice. In particular we work with compliance, ethics and corporate responsibility teams to measure and assess a range of concrete business practices to ensure that they are working effectively. We use our measurement and scoring systems to help teams to measure the risks that they face and to benchmark themselves against a range of other organisations.

Many of GoodCorporation’s assessments are based on the globally recognised GoodCorporation Standard, developed in conjunction with the UK’s Institute of Business Ethics (IBE).

Having carried out over 600 assessments to date, in over 70 countries, GoodCorporation has developed a thorough understanding of management practices across a variety of industries. This provides us with an unrivalled capability to benchmark clients against industry or sector best practice.

We work internationally, in some of the world’s most challenging environments and are experienced in measuring and managing the successful implementation of international ethical standards in a global organisation.