Human Rights & Modern Slavery

While no organisation sets out to commit human rights abuses, the complex nature of multinational organisations makes it hard to be certain that human rights are always respected throughout the operation.  Companies are increasingly seeking to demonstrate the steps they are taking to prevent human rights abuses.

GoodCorporation’s Business Ethics Standard assesses the treatment of workers and local communities and has been used in over 500 assessments conducted in more than 60 countries in challenging industries such as extractives, construction and cosmetics.

Preparing a Modern Slavery Statement

GoodCorporation has worked with a global media company to provide advice on the steps that should be taken to prepare a meaningful Modern Slavery Statement including: Undertaking a policy review…

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Assessing modern slavery risks

According to the 2014 Global Slavery Index, over 45 million people currently live in slavery and annual estimated profits generated as a result of forced labour amount to $US150bn Under…

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Human rights evaluation

In the extractives sector we have evaluated the effectiveness of human rights policies in one of our client’s operations in India, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, Burma and Uganda, in some…

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