GoodCorporation accompagne ses clients dans l’élaboration, la mise en oeuvre et l’évaluation de leurs programmes d’éthique et de conformité afin de s’assurer qu’ils fonctionnent en pratique.

house of lords

Nos débats sont organisés à la Chambre des Lords et à la Chambre des Communes à Londres ainsi qu’au Club France-Amériques à Paris. Le prochain débat organisé le 15 mars portera sur l’entrée en vigueur du RGPD.

Recent topics have included:

Prévenir les risques de corruption : pourquoi l’approche de conformité n’est-elle pas suffisante? - Deux années [...]

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UKGovt raises bar on reducing risk of #humanrights and #modernslavery abuses in public procurement contracts. Our article in In-Procurement @intendltd explores what suppliers need to do in response

“Many CEOs feel that corporate culture is one of the key identifiers for their brands.” Couldn’t agree more. Our clients are therefore asking how we can help them measure their #culture. See how we respond to this need here:

Our last debate asked why businesses are taking human rights more seriously? Five key drivers were identified - read our debate summary for more information #humanrights #modernslavery

Hard to argue with the suggested areas for action outlined in the piece below from @Skapinker on How to build a more responsible corporate capitalism via @financialtimes

If women participated in the U.S. workforce at the same rate as men, it would add $4.3 trillion to the American economy by 2025, write Sheryl Sandberg and Rachel Thomas of Lean In

The latest @OECD approach to tax is a welcome one allowing tax authorities to collect a proportionate amount of tax for the activities taking place in their jurisdictions #FairTax #corporatetax

Interesting read on how to align profit, principle and sustainability

"The business world is ahead of governments and want to see legislation strengthened to make it work" - just one of the comments at our debate on human rights at the House of Lords - thank you to all our attendees for the excellent contributions. #humanrights #modernslavery

“Our culture and values are the foundations on which everything is built.“ Interesting thoughts here on how #culture should be the key indicator of employee engagement. See here how we can help you measure it:

“The cost of not prioritising culture is higher than most businesses realise.” Good thoughts here on the influence #culture can have in whether businesses succeed or fail. We’re helping companies get to grips with this:

“Corporate leaders have to embrace the importance of an ethical culture” Good emphasis here on the role of #culture in business. Too often it isn’t analysed until it goes wrong, but we’re helping clients get ahead of the game:

Delighted to be participating the @DiveInFest today and delivering a key note speech on bullying and harassment.

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