GoodCorporation accompagne ses clients dans l’élaboration, la mise en oeuvre et l’évaluation de leurs programmes d’éthique et de conformité afin de s’assurer qu’ils fonctionnent en pratique.

house of lords

Nos débats sont organisés à la Chambre des Lords et à la Chambre des Communes à Londres ainsi qu’au Club France-Amériques à Paris. Le prochain débat organisé le 15 mars portera sur l’entrée en vigueur du RGPD.

Recent topics have included:

Prévenir les risques de corruption : pourquoi l’approche de conformité n’est-elle pas suffisante? - Deux années [...]

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China to tackle corruption in Belt and Road projects via @financialtimes

However hard - we need to reach an agreement on a global level - Formulating values for AI is hard when humans do not agree via @financialtimes

“Leaders protect themselves and their companies when they create a culture of ethics.” Some great thoughts here from @HarvardBiz: Just one of the reasons our clients are investing in assessing their company #culture. See how here:

Do codes of conduct help cause and conceal unethical behaviour? Some interesting stats here - only 71% of codes in the study made it clear that the code applied to the executive as well as employees - food for thought?
How will Codes of Conduct evolve?

Uber ties executive bonuses to diversity targets - a welcome move by @Uber - will more follow suit? via @financialtimes

Increase in funding for problem gambling is welcome - however @GamRegGB also need to ensure prevention controls in gaming companies are properly in place - addicted gamblers are still being exploited by operators with lax controls.

The grey area between tax avoidance and tax evasion can be difficult to navigate. Companies are increasingly expected to implement responsible tax practices, placing ethics ahead of compliance. Our latest debate asked what businesses should be doing?

"When your culture is just forming, actions speak louder than words.” Good thoughts here on why action is key to positive company #culture: Our 25 culture statements for measuring company culture focus on action, not just words:

"Organisational culture and management failures are the root cause of most staff wellbeing issues.” #Culture should be at the heart of not only wellbeing but also performance in any company. See how we measure this here:

Just published our latest newsletter with articles on the DoJ's guidance on the FCPA, the Modern Slavery Act review and the challenges of measuring corporate culture Click to sign up to receive our quarterly updates #businessethics

Changes ahead for the UK Modern Slavery Act? via @GoodCorporation

“If here is a breakdown among managers, such misconduct can have a disastrous impact on employees” Good thoughts here on why manager behaviour is central to #culture. Trust in managers is a key part of our culture healthcheck:

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