GoodCorporation accompagne ses clients dans l’élaboration, la mise en oeuvre et l’évaluation de leurs programmes d’éthique et de conformité afin de s’assurer qu’ils fonctionnent en pratique.

house of lords

Nos débats sont organisés à la Chambre des Lords et à la Chambre des Communes à Londres ainsi qu’au Club France-Amériques à Paris. Le prochain débat organisé le 15 mars portera sur l’entrée en vigueur du RGPD.

Recent topics have included:

Un bilan de la loi Sapin II : quels sont les défis dans la mise en pratique pour les entreprises françaises ? - Notre [...]

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IBE's Peter Montagnon suggests 3 ways the fund industry can address the trust deficit in @ftfm
#trust #fundmanagement

This is so true - an open, speak-up culture is undoubtedly the best model #CorporateCulture #SpeakUp

Taking the measure of good corporate culture via @financialtimes Measuring culture isn't easy, but it can and must be done Particularly as a #poorculture is a #businessrisk in itself #corporateculture #measuringculture

Should business put purpose before profit? Interesting read on a key question at a time when many in the investment world are suggesting that purposeful businesses are making more profit. via @financialtimes

Excellent article on the need to re-focus on the nature and purpose of our corporations to create more sustainable businesses - via @financialtimes #corporategovernacne #businesspurpose

A wise start-up will recognise that although it is possible to break the mould with a product, ignoring good governance and responsible management practices comes at a heavy price - says GoodCorporation's Jane Ellis #corporategovernance #harassment

Many thanks to @GeorgKell7 from @ArabesqueAM for leading an informative and thought provoking discussion - will post the debate summary on our website #ESG #Sustainability #Governance

The Wates Principles cover societal purpose & better engagement with stakeholders including workforce. They " human capital at the heart of the value of a business." - a great piece from @dinamedland #watesprinciples #corpgov

Looking forward to our discussion at the House of Lords on how and whether ESG investments are changing the shape of corporate behaviour with @GeorgKell7 and @WillGoodhart #UNGlobalCompact #ESG #Sustainability

Very much looking forward to the discussion

Delighted to be there - and in such good company

Many thanks to our opening experts panel for starting the discussion on what Irish employers are doing to help workers raise concerns. #integrityatwork #SpeakUp #Transparency

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