GoodCorporation accompagne ses clients dans l’élaboration, la mise en oeuvre et l’évaluation de leurs programmes d’éthique et de conformité afin de s’assurer qu’ils fonctionnent en pratique.

house of lords

Nos débats sont organisés à la Chambre des Lords et à la Chambre des Communes à Londres ainsi qu’au Club France-Amériques à Paris. Le prochain débat organisé le 15 mars portera sur l’entrée en vigueur du RGPD.

Recent topics have included:

Prévenir les risques de corruption : pourquoi l’approche de conformité n’est-elle pas suffisante? - Deux années [...]

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Just published our summer newsletter with views on the latest GDPR fines, Uber's decision to link pay awards to diversity targets, the grey area between tax evasion & tax avoidance and more - Read Update for - the latest in #businessethics #GDPR #ethics

"In smaller organisations you can take a more personal approach to shaping ethical culture” Good ideas in @Forbes on how #culture can be tailored: Our whitepaper set out what big firms can learn from the cultures of smaller ones:

Cooperation will be key to a successful DPA - UK anti-fraud agency sets out company plea deal guidelines via @financialtimes

Excellent article by @EthixGirl in the latest Board Agenda - "The freedom to raise concerns is a core component of an ethical business culture"

“The wrong culture can destroy a company” Great thoughts here in @Forbes on how #culture, right down to the language we use, can make a pivotal difference. See our work on this here:

"A company without an ethical culture will be unable to achieve an effective ethics and compliance programme” Clients are asking how culture can form the foundations of a future-proof ethics programme. Find out how we help them here

3/5 SMEs say appreciation is part of their culture: GoodCorporation’s white paper, Measuring Ethical Culture, showed other areas where larger companies can learn from smaller outfits when it comes to company #culture:

China to tackle corruption in Belt and Road projects via @financialtimes

However hard - we need to reach an agreement on a global level - Formulating values for AI is hard when humans do not agree via @financialtimes

“Leaders protect themselves and their companies when they create a culture of ethics.” Some great thoughts here from @HarvardBiz: Just one of the reasons our clients are investing in assessing their company #culture. See how here:

Do codes of conduct help cause and conceal unethical behaviour? Some interesting stats here - only 71% of codes in the study made it clear that the code applied to the executive as well as employees - food for thought?
How will Codes of Conduct evolve?

Uber ties executive bonuses to diversity targets - a welcome move by @Uber - will more follow suit? via @financialtimes

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