Crossing the line: how government is cracking down on construction corruption

A recent spate of director disqualifications in the construction sector by the Competition and Markets Authority has raised the spectre of corrupt behaviour once again.

Building Magazine spoke to Leo Martin for its feature article on corrupt behaviour in the construction industry. Joey Gardiner asked how big a problem this really is and whether attitudes are changing. The CMA claims it is not targeting the construction sector, but is simply following the evidence gained from its intelligence activities, whistleblowers and other suppliers.

So what are the contributing factors?

The size and uniqueness of projects; the high-level of subcontract relationships each one with a potential for corruption; a culture of secrecy and the ability to conceal work that is inadequately carried out all contribute to the corruption risks in this sector.

“The industry has really struggled to improve the situation regarding corruption, given a long period of austerity, which has made winning work even more crucial. It’s been about survival which increases the risk of direct corruption in order to win work.” Leo Martin

Posted May 2019