Are your procedures adequate?

Whether it be a report to the board or a formal submission to regulators, organisations often need an independent assessment of the adequacy of their procedures. Companies completing an assessment against one of our business ethics frameworks will receive an evaluation of their systems and procedures and a judgement on the level of compliance.

GoodCorporation can certify performance against our frameworks providing an independent assessment of adequacy. Companies can also be assessed to see if they reach our business ethics standard.

Accreditation schemes

Using this methodology, GoodCorporation has developed the auditing framework for the Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI), which was launched in May 2013 by industry members to promote ethical business practice within the banknote sector.

Maintaining high ethical standards across the banknote industry is essential if customers and other stakeholders are to be totally confident that business practices are beyond reproach at all times.

BnEI members are required to adhere to a strict Code of Ethical Business Practice developed with the Institute of Business Ethics and endorsed by many leading banking institutions including The Bank of England, The European Central Bank, The Deutsche Bundesbank, Banque de France, The Bank of Canada, The Reserve Banks of Australia and New Zealand, The Reserve Bank of South Africa and the 19 European Central Banks of countries that have introduced the euro.

GoodCorporation has translated this code into the BnEI audit framework which has been designed not only to review paper-based policies and records, but also to test whether the spirit of each principle is respected in practice. All BnEI members must undergo accreditation.

GoodCorporation is also accredited to assess companies against this framework.

BnEI membership is open to all organisations in the industry irrespective of size and experience. Companies interested in becoming a member of the BnEI should visit the BnEI website or for more information on the audit please contact GoodCorporation.

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