Code of Conduct Development and Benchmarking

“The business community is under the spotlight like never before. We either demonstrate that we operate responsibly or we risk losing our licence to do business.” Lord Sharman, former Chairman of Aviva and chair of GoodCorporation’s founding advisory panel

Although the majority of organisations now have a code of conduct, ensuring that this covers all the areas where poor behaviour or decision-making could put a business at risk is essential. A good code should combine aspirational corporate values with clear statements and rules of behaviour.

GoodCorporation works with organisations to ensure that their code is fit for purpose, will encourage responsible conduct and will protect the business.

Our work involves:

Code of conduct design
  • Analysis of core values, business principles and company culture
  • Best practice review of content and gap analysis
  • Risk assessments to identify areas to be covered by the code
  • Recommendations on content and structure
  • Template design
Building supporting systems and processes
  • Gap analysis of existing systems against the code of conduct
  • Development of supporting policies and procedures
  • Development of operational manuals
  • Identification of service providers to help establish new systems
Roll out and embedding
  • Face-to-face training
  • Workshops and seminars
  • E-learning and video based modules
  • Development of ethics champions
  • Communications programme and promotional materials
  • Translation service
Evaluation and benchmarking
  • Conducting a third party audit either independently or with the internal audit function to assess how well the code has been embedded and what is working properly on the ground.
  • Detailed benchmarking of the code of conduct to evaluate its content and compare to a range of peer organisations using the GoodCorporation code of conduct benchmarking tool



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