Treating Customers Fairly

The fair treatment of customers should be central to any business. As the mis-selling scandals have shown, the reputational damage that can result from mistreating customers can have a lasting effect.

With trust in business at an all time low, companies are increasingly looking at ways of ensuring that the right sales culture is in place to prevent such behaviour.  Companies need to risk assess their systems and processes to identify any potential weaknesses that could lead to customers being treated unfairly.

GoodCorporation has developed a Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) framework to enable companies to manage this process. Based on the outcomes set out in the Financial Conduct Authority’s Treating Customers Fairly programme, the framework can be adapted to enable consumer-interfacing organisations to assess their dealings with customers and provide evidence that they are consistently treating them fairly.

GoodCorporation’s TCF assessment enables an organisation to assess whether the correct systems and policies are in place and provide proof that they are working on the ground. This methodology is based on the GoodCorporation Business Ethics Standard that has been used by more than 100 organisations in over 60 countries.

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