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(English) Bullying and harassment in the workplace - Why are bullying and harassment still issues in the workplace and what can [...]

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Looking forward to our debate at the House of Lords today on the changing landscape of anti-corruption prosecution - opening remarks from @UKSFO director Lisa Osofsky

'Magna Carter' for the web proposes revolutionary future with renewed emphasis on #principles #responsibility and respect for #privacy. Excellent initiative from @timberners_lee that deserves support #ForTheWeb

Good initiative from a sector where this has been a problem Car washes to be given kitemark scheme to crack down on modern slavery via @telegraphnews #modernslavery #businessethics

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office raises the bar on the modern slavery obligations of suppliers - an article by GoodCorporation's @MJPollitt looks at what this means #modernslavery #procurement #corporateresponsibility #humanrights

Is the Modern Slavery Act effective? Should there be greater enforcement powers? - The closing date for the Home Office Review of the Act is November 1 - here's a link to the consultation.

Whistleblowing campaign reveals scale of UK price fixing via @financialtimes

Catch up on our latest thinking on #bullying and #harassment at work and Criminal Finances Act compliance in our Autumn newsletter

FRC demands end to 'basic errors' in reporting and more evidence that principles of UK Corp Gov Code been applied. Companies risk losing capital markets liquidity if reporting statements go unsubstantiated as ESG analysis increasingly required

This should be interesting #corporategovernance #Diversity #culture

Spent long enough trying to get to work today on @southwesttrain1? - there’s a vacancy in our Paris office for a fluent French speaker #JobVacancy #Paris #trainchaos

Great opportunity for any bilingual French/English speakers looking for a post in Paris #jobvacancy #businessethics

Great opportunity for any bilingual French/English speakers looking for a post in Paris #jobvacancy #businessethics

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