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(English) The impact of GDPR and the key challenges for organisations operating in the international arena - [...]

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A clear message for businesses in this report - companies can’t afford ethical lapses - especially from the top. Culture matters - and it has to be ethical #corporateculture #businessethics

Harassment at work is never acceptable - BBC News - LGBT harassment at work widespread, TUC survey suggests #corporateculture #businessethics

Good to see @bankofengland taking positive steps on #diversity - Diversity training for Mark Carney and 180 top Bank of England bosses via @telebusiness #corporateculture #equality

'A positive work culture leads to tangible business benefits' - Getting culture right is a sound business investment - some interesting takeaways in this article by Olly Goodall

“The truth is, every company has a culture. It boils down to the founding principals and the way business gets done” Good thoughts here on why #culture is under the microscope. We help our clients get insight into this tough area:

Latest analysis of #culture in @Forbes shows “even the best of us are profoundly challenged to address our own cultural blind spots”:

"When employers ignore employee challenges and rule with an iron fist, it negatively impacts corporate culture": Our healthcheck helps companies see how far management are trusted, a key element of a healthy corporate #culture:

“The largest reason employees stay at their jobs is because of the culture where they work.” Just one way that #culture can impact the bottom line. Our measurement tool is helping companies improve their culture and their retention:

A welcome initiative from the London Metal Exchange LME to shake up rules on responsibly sourced metals via @financialtimes #humanrights #responsiblebusiness #childlabour

Anti-corruption prosecution is evolving fast. In the latest issue of @GovCompMag we look at how the legislation has been evolving and the steps prosecutors are taking, working across borders and with new tech to bring about successful cases #anticorruption

EU guidelines on artificial intelligence are indeed welcome - as the article states our use of AI must respect rights and avoid unintentional harm

Investigating sexual harassment: best practice in the workplace - ​ via @raconteur

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