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(English) Is business taking human rights more seriously? - GoodCorporation welcomed John Morrison, Chief Executive of the [...]

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Spot on - higher demands on suppliers tendering for public contracts could make a real difference. See our latest article on changes by the UK Government

Benchmarks are great at shining a light on corporate human rights performance. How can we drive this change in a smart way asks @drnickyblack at #CHRB report launch #bizhumanrights

Failing to tackle #modernslavery in the supply chain can lead to a potentially damaging loss of investment funding

A welcome initiative from the investment community to add more impetus to the movement clamping down on #modernslavery Charity fund manager moves to tackle modern slavery

“A culture, whether planned or not, will emerge and have an impact on your company’s fate.” Good thoughts for start-ups on how to manage #culture. Our paper looked at what larger companies can learn from smaller outfits on this:

“Nous étions heureux d’accueillir une vingtaine de représentants d’entreprises lors de notre déjeuner-débat, hier à Paris. Le débat portait sur: “Devoir de vigilance et droits humains à l’heure des premières mises en demeure : les entreprises sont-elles sur la bonne voie ?”

Delighted to host another business ethics debate lunch yesterday at Salons France Ameriques. Leading businesses joined us to share views and insights on preventing human rights abuses and implementing the Duty of Vigilance - France's human rights law. Debate summary to follow.

UK regulator warns insurers over corporate culture via @financialtimes “Senior management should be careful to ensure that commercial pressure to deliver results does not translate into inappropriate pressure on individuals" Poor culture is toxic

'one of the biggest challenges [...] is how to measure something as nebulous as purpose" Responsible capitalism requires new standards via @financialtimes
GoodCorporation's business ethics and ethical culture assessments can help

“Boeing employee raised concern over Max sensor three years before crashes” Hearing evidence underlines the vital importance of effective speak-up systems - an essential component of an ethical #corporateculture

UKGovt raises bar on reducing risk of #humanrights and #modernslavery abuses in public procurement contracts. Our article in In-Procurement @intendltd explores what suppliers need to do in response

“Many CEOs feel that corporate culture is one of the key identifiers for their brands.” Couldn’t agree more. Our clients are therefore asking how we can help them measure their #culture. See how we respond to this need here:

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