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The grey area between tax avoidance and tax evasion can be difficult to navigate. Our latest debate examined current expectations around tax evasion and asked why companies need to do more to prevent it.

Recent topics have included:

Preventing tax evasion – why companies need to do more - Lord Bilimoria, host of our summer 2019 ethics debate, [...]

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Are we really seeing a shift away from shareholder primacy in favour of a wider approach to corporate purpose? Will this lead to changes in corporate behaviour? Business must act on a new corporate purpose via @financialtimes

One to watch ... British Airways and Shell to build Europe's first facility to convert rubbish into jet fuel via @telebusiness

Oh yes.
Group of US corporate leaders ditches shareholder-first mantra via @financialtimes #CorpGov #inclusivecapitalism

"Ethical culture becomes a source of business advantage because integrity drives business performance” Good #culture isn’t all about avoiding scandals. It helps companies stand out from the competition. See how we measure it here:

The IMF and World Bank need a tougher anti-corruption agenda

Just published our summer newsletter with views on the latest GDPR fines, Uber's decision to link pay awards to diversity targets, the grey area between tax evasion & tax avoidance and more - Read Update for - the latest in #businessethics #GDPR #ethics

"In smaller organisations you can take a more personal approach to shaping ethical culture” Good ideas in @Forbes on how #culture can be tailored: Our whitepaper set out what big firms can learn from the cultures of smaller ones:

Cooperation will be key to a successful DPA - UK anti-fraud agency sets out company plea deal guidelines via @financialtimes

Excellent article by @EthixGirl in the latest Board Agenda - "The freedom to raise concerns is a core component of an ethical business culture"

“The wrong culture can destroy a company” Great thoughts here in @Forbes on how #culture, right down to the language we use, can make a pivotal difference. See our work on this here:

"A company without an ethical culture will be unable to achieve an effective ethics and compliance programme” Clients are asking how culture can form the foundations of a future-proof ethics programme. Find out how we help them here

3/5 SMEs say appreciation is part of their culture: GoodCorporation’s white paper, Measuring Ethical Culture, showed other areas where larger companies can learn from smaller outfits when it comes to company #culture:

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