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house of lords

The grey area between tax avoidance and tax evasion can be difficult to navigate. Our latest debate examined current expectations around tax evasion and asked why companies need to do more to prevent it.

Recent topics have included:

Preventing tax evasion – why companies need to do more - Lord Bilimoria, host of our summer 2019 ethics debate, [...]

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“Our culture and values are the foundations on which everything is built.“ Interesting thoughts here on how #culture should be the key indicator of employee engagement. See here how we can help you measure it:

“The cost of not prioritising culture is higher than most businesses realise.” Good thoughts here on the influence #culture can have in whether businesses succeed or fail. We’re helping companies get to grips with this:

“Corporate leaders have to embrace the importance of an ethical culture” Good emphasis here on the role of #culture in business. Too often it isn’t analysed until it goes wrong, but we’re helping clients get ahead of the game:

Delighted to be participating the @DiveInFest today and delivering a key note speech on bullying and harassment.

"Businesses that combine profit with a wider purpose will benefit from the reinforced commitment of employees and customers." Interesting article by @andrewtghill

Excellent analysis by @MartinWolf Economies need businesses that take account of their impact on all stakeholders - why rentier capitalism is damaging liberal democracy via @financialtime

More than half of UK businesses still aren't GDPR compliant GoodCorporation's data protection services can help businesses prepare

New culture guide for SMEs from the Chartered Insurance Institute puts appropriate emphasis on ethics: Our own paper looked at how the culture of SMEs compared with larger firms and how key elements of #culture could be measured:

"Positive cultures stem from leaders that have a clear idea of what they want to create" Some good ideas here on the importance of setting the tone from the top when it comes to #culture. See how we measure this here:

"Often the buzzword is at odds with how the company actually operates." These findings in @HarvardBiz match our experience of companies who are quick to talk about #culture but slower to understand it See here how we can help here:

A legal battle waged by villagers on UK mining giant @VedantaLimited could have major implications on multinationals doing business in Africa, writes @MJPollitt

"A positive company culture is no longer seen as a desirable element, in many cases it is now seen as an essential." Interesting thoughts here on the growing importance of #culture in business. See how we measure this here:

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