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The first debates of 2019 covered anti-corruption prosecution and data protection challenges. We are hosting two debates in May in London and Paris – attendance is by invitation only.

Recent topics have included:

Debate summary: Can companies really measure and report on culture? - With the revised Corporate Governance Code imposing [...]

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"Organisational culture and management failures are the root cause of most staff wellbeing issues.” #Culture should be at the heart of not only wellbeing but also performance in any company. See how we measure this here:

Just published our latest newsletter with articles on the DoJ's guidance on the FCPA, the Modern Slavery Act review and the challenges of measuring corporate culture Click to sign up to receive our quarterly updates #businessethics

Changes ahead for the UK Modern Slavery Act? via @GoodCorporation

“If here is a breakdown among managers, such misconduct can have a disastrous impact on employees” Good thoughts here on why manager behaviour is central to #culture. Trust in managers is a key part of our culture healthcheck:

"Financial pressures faced by many contractors have increased the risk of #corruption in this sector." Leo Martin contributes to the discussion - Crossing the line: how government is cracking down on construction corruption

Boards are facing increasing requirements to measure corporate culture. Our latest #BusinessEthics debate asked how this can be done. #ethicalculture #corporategovernance #corporateculture

"Staff turnover due to poor company culture is costing the economy £23.6 billion per year.” Shocking estimates put a new spotlight on the cost of a bad company #culture. We’re responding to the needs of our clients in this key area :

Financial pressures in the construction industry have increased the risk of corruption #antitrust #CORRUPTION

A clear message for businesses in this report - companies can’t afford ethical lapses - especially from the top. Culture matters - and it has to be ethical #corporateculture #businessethics

Harassment at work is never acceptable - BBC News - LGBT harassment at work widespread, TUC survey suggests #corporateculture #businessethics

Good to see @bankofengland taking positive steps on #diversity - Diversity training for Mark Carney and 180 top Bank of England bosses via @telebusiness #corporateculture #equality

'A positive work culture leads to tangible business benefits' - Getting culture right is a sound business investment - some interesting takeaways in this article by Olly Goodall

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