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house of lords

The summary of our latest anti-corruption debate is available on the website. Our last discussion of the year will focus on ESG investments and how they are shaping corporate behaviour.

Recent topics have included:

The changing landscape of anti-corruption prosecution - Lisa Osofsky, Director of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) opened [...]

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Many thanks to @GeorgKell7 from @ArabesqueAM for leading an informative and thought provoking discussion - will post the debate summary on our website #ESG #Sustainability #Governance

The Wates Principles cover societal purpose & better engagement with stakeholders including workforce. They " human capital at the heart of the value of a business." - a great piece from @dinamedland #watesprinciples #corpgov

Looking forward to our discussion at the House of Lords on how and whether ESG investments are changing the shape of corporate behaviour with @GeorgKell7 and @WillGoodhart #UNGlobalCompact #ESG #Sustainability

Very much looking forward to the discussion

Delighted to be there - and in such good company

Many thanks to our opening experts panel for starting the discussion on what Irish employers are doing to help workers raise concerns. #integrityatwork #SpeakUp #Transparency

So very true @katie_jacobs

.@andrewtghill makes good points about the dangers of management by metrics - but how do we square that with demands from investors and regulators to assess and monitor culture without some form of measurement? via @financialtimes

'Magna Carta' for the web proposes revolutionary future with renewed emphasis on #principles #responsibility and respect for #privacy. Excellent initiative from @timberners_lee that deserves support … #ForTheWeb

.@AArmstrong_says is spot on - an over-reliance on an autocratic leader can result in poor governance, a weak corporate culture and create a pathway to corporate scandal as both Toshiba and VW showed … #governance #corporateculture #BusinessEthics

We strongly support the push to give equal importance to physical as well as mental health at work. But businesses cannot simply pass the buck to government and must ensure they create a workplace that supports both equally.

How corporate greenwashing holds everyone back via @MT_editorial

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