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The first debates of 2019 covered anti-corruption prosecution and data protection challenges. We are hosting two debates in May in London and Paris – attendance is by invitation only.

Recent topics have included:

The impact of GDPR and the key challenges for organisations operating in the international arena - [...]

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Anti-corruption prosecution is evolving fast. In the latest issue of @GovCompMag we look at how the legislation has been evolving and the steps prosecutors are taking, working across borders and with new tech to bring about successful cases #anticorruption

EU guidelines on artificial intelligence are indeed welcome - as the article states our use of AI must respect rights and avoid unintentional harm

Investigating sexual harassment: best practice in the workplace - ​ via @raconteur

We can and must do better than this Here's our blog on developing an ethical framework for #artificial_intelligence #ethics

Clear direction from the ICO - GDPR places onus on companies to understand risks. Data protection needs to become part of the cultural fabric of an organisation via @computerweekly - Our #dataprotection framework can help

“It is clear from incidents like Arcadia that ethical codes don’t always translate into ethical cultures”: We’ve been assessing ethics for 2 decades and agree that culture is at the heart of this. Find out how we measure it here:

Good to see the UK potentially leading the way here - #BusinessEthics #CorporateResponsibility

With so little change in the #GenderPayGap we need to consider how to make reporting effective. Our blog asks what reporting can achieve and how to make it more demanding

Not a great spot for the UK to be - see our blog on whether we need more than reporting to close the gap #GenderPayGap

Not only does 'culture eat strategy for breakfast'; it drives whether purpose is truly lived” We agree with David Grayson, new chair of @IBEUK, on #culture and a company’s ability to fulfil its purpose: See our work on this here:

So depressing to see so the gender pay gap getting wider

Poor corporate culture damages reputations. Businesses need to monitor and manage it to create the right environment for a prosperous future #culture #CorporateGovernance

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