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house of lords

With a new director at the SFO, will there be changes to the prosecution landscape? Do businesses feel they have adequate procedures in place and are they more or less likely to report?

Recent topics have included:

How will the anti-corruption prosecution landscape develop in 2019? - Christine Braampskamp, partner at Jenner & Block [...]

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Great thoughts from @Netflix on how to give boards a better vantage point on their company’s #culture: But what will boards do to get to grips with the #ethics of that culture? Our Healthcheck is helping companies do exactly this:

Thank you to all our guests for a thought-provoking and informative discussion

#DataProtection is the subject of our business ethics debate at the House of Lords today. We will explore the impact of #GDPR and the key challenges for organisations operating internationally. Will post a summary of the discussion on our website

Audit must be cognisant of wider ethics/culture risks if corporate failure is to be avoided - the new body will need to focus on this challenge and address the conflicts that still exist in many big audit firms - via @telebusiness #corporategovernance

'Let the experts at good conduct work with the experts at compensation to develop plans that incentivise good conduct' Great thoughts on how compliance staff on boards can improve ethical #culture: See our work in this area

Delighted that Debbie Ramsay and @MJPollitt were able to speak today to @CharteredIIA on the challenges and opportunities involved in measuring the #culture of international businesses.

Responsible investing has transformed from a UN Global Compact initiative into a mainstream investment trend - our article explores The ESG Factor via @govcompmag #ESG #sustainability #governance

"Good conduct, culture and ethical behaviours are at the core of sustainable long term performance” New guide to #ethics in banking puts #culture centre stage Our culture healthcheck helps companies get a grip on this issue:

Internally, role of mindful leadership crucial for responsible practices in business; not only naming values, but demonstrating them on an individual level. Training management on how to encourage speaking out, but also on how to listen to those who do, is key #CHBusiness

Looking forward to being part of this important session

#CHBusiness Session Three on digitization will be underway shortly with @johnthornhillft, @privacymama, Simon McDougall, @rmack and @sarahdrinkwater

A note of optimism: in all parties' - industry, governments, societies - mutual interest to bring more responsible practice into the tech space - and globally efforts are being taken to coordinate and act meaningfully to do so #CHBusiness

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