Business Ethics Standard

GoodCorporation's Business Ethics Standard provides a four-page framework for the responsible management of any organisation. The management practices it sets out can be used to determine how responsibly the organisation operates.

It can be used as a guideline for establishing good practice or as an auditing framework to identify the strengths and weaknesses in practices and procedures.

Key principles covered by the framework

  • Management commitment: the organisation is committed to establishing an ethical corporate culture that takes into account the interests of all stakeholder groups.
  • Employees: employees have clear and fair working conditions and are treated with respect.
  • Customers: customers are treated fairly with honest and transparent sales and marketing processes.
  • Suppliers: suppliers are selected fairly, they are treated well and the organisation ensures that suppliers meet minimum good standards across all aspects of business ethics and sustainability.
  • Business partners: partners are carefully selected, monitored and reviewed to ensure that good standards of practice are in place.
  • Environment:  the organisation takes steps to identify, measure and reduce its environmental impact, complying with laws and industry codes as required.
  • Community: the organisation understands its impacts on the communities in which it operates and has effective systems in place to minimise any negative impacts.
  • Shareholders (or equivalent): shareholders are regularly provided with a clear understanding of the organisation's operations and finances together with evidence of its commitment to the principles and practices of good corporate governance.

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This framework can be downloaded and distributed freely within your organisation but only for internal purposes and not for re-distribution to third parties outside the organisation.

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