We have vacancies for full-time consultants and analysts at our London office. Click to find out more.

We have vacancies for full-time consultants and analysts at our London office. Click to find out more.

Ethics and compliance training programmes

Effective ethics and compliance training is an important means of ensuring that a business is properly protected from legal risk or reputational damage through misconduct.

To help businesses deploy the right training that suits the needs of their organisation, GoodCorporation offers a range of compliance training courses, suitable for both national and international businesses.

What we do

GoodCorporation offers e-learning and in-person training programmes to help clients build and embed effective ethics and compliance systems.

Ethics and compliance workshops

GoodCorporation's ethics and compliance workshops facilitate a deeper understanding of the potential impact of unethical behaviour on an organisation by bringing together the key individuals, from across different business functions, that are affected by ethics or compliance issues.

Drawing on our ethics and compliance knowledge, together with our experience of working across a wide range of industry sectors, we tailor-make our workshops to suit your business needs. 

Workshops can be conducted at group or local level as required. Our workshops cover a wide range of business ethics issues including code of conduct, corruption prevention, whistleblowing, modern slavery, human rights, and risk assessments.

Our workshops will: -

  • Develop a deeper understanding of specific ethics or compliance issues
  • Explore the business need to address and manage these issues
  • Facilitate a discussion of best practice
  • Agree collective ownership for managing and embedding best practice
  • Enable a road map for improvement to be developed
  • Identify on-going procedures to measure and monitor improvement
  • Develop reporting mechanisms where required.



Listen to our podcast on running a business ethics workshop

Ethics and compliance in-person training

GoodCorporation's ethics and compliance training programmes help companies turn policy into practice.

Written and delivered by subject matter experts, our face-to-face training courses cover a wide range of ethics and compliance issues including anti-corruption, human rights, whistleblowing, modern slavery and code of conduct training.

Tailor-made to suit the needs of individual organisations, our courses include real-life scenarios, video material, interactive voting, tailored case studies and break-out sessions.

Our courses can be tailored for groups of varying sizes, delivered in many languages to support large multinationals looking to develop company-wide training across borders and adapted to suit different roles and responsibilities within an organisation.

Training materials to support the courses are also prepared by our subject matter experts in conjunction with our client partners.

Tailored e-learning programmes

GoodCorporation has expertise at writing, designing and developing online training programmes for a variety of businesses from multinational corporations to SMEs. We offer training modules across a number of compliance topics including business ethics, anti-corruption, data protection and the wider code of conduct.

We design programmes from concept to completion and also work with companies to update existing training modules to incorporate policy changes.

We offer a range of e-learning courses to help companies embed the practices and procedures needed to prevent misconduct and deliver training programmes in a cost and time-efficient manner.

GoodCorporation's ABC e-learning course equips businesses with the knowledge needed to help mitigate any bribery and corruption risks faced at work.

Preview anti-corruption e-learning here

Training webinars

To help deliver effective training solutions and accommodate the growing number of businesses operating a hybrid working model, we can offer all our training programmes and workshops in the form of webinars.

For Gulf-based business leadership organisation Pearl Initiative we designed and developed an 8-part webinar series on combating corruption. The content was based on GoodCorporation's white paper Combating Corruption: Businesses still at risk. The webinars explored the eight procedural areas necessary for implementing effective anti-bribery controls, with best practice guidance and in-depth discussion with participants.

Our webinars can be tailored to the needs of the organisation, using GoodCorporation's subject knowledge experts to lead the discussion and with the option for interactive sessions and scenario-based learning.

Board training

To engage board members with the strategic value of embedding effective ethics and compliance programmes in an organisation, we offer a range of board training schemes.

We explore the impact of unethical behaviour on an organisation, including an assessment of risks and the measures that can be taken to ensure the company is properly protected.

Train the trainers

Developing an effective in-house training program can be essential for many compliance teams. As a result, we have worked with a number of multinationals to 'train the trainers'.

This can include structured lesson-style presentations, interactive case studies and activities. Training tools are made available to facilitate future in-house identification and mitigation of ethical risks.

Awareness raising training

GoodCorporation offers awareness training for senior leaders, providing insights into sensitive issues such as diversity, bullying and harassment and unconscious bias. Our awareness training uses interactive case history discussions and breakout workshop sessions to facilitate engagement and participation.

For a multinational food production company we ran a diversity awareness session at their senior leaders' conference. Attended by participants from several countries, including the States, India, France, China, Singapore, Brazil and Spain, the session aimed to raise awareness of the mind-sets and leadership behaviours necessary to promote successful working as part of a global team.

Diversity training in business

 GoodCorporation has a thorough understanding of how to assess adequate procedures.  Their years of experience provided us with a trustworthy, third party review of our internal systems.

Jane Earl

former Company Secretary, BBC Worldwide

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