Coronavirus update from GoodCorporation

Coronavirus update from GoodCorporation

Working for GoodCorporation

GoodCorporation is not currently recruiting but we are always keen to hear from strong candidates looking looking to join us.

GoodCorporation is always interested in hearing from experienced candidates who are looking to work in the field of business ethics and compliance.

Our work involves reviewing and examining ethical management practices in client organisations to help identify and bridge any gaps. Benchmarking and consultancy are also provided, as required.

In conducting assessments, our project teams accumulate evidence based on management, employee and other stakeholder interviews, supported by policy, process and document reviews. The GoodCorporation team works quickly to assimilate the information received, analyse the issues, reach conclusions, make recommendations and present these back to management at a senior level. Strong analytical and interpersonal skills are therefore essential.

GoodCorporation is a niche, vibrant and successful company, attracting people with strong ethical values wanting to make a difference to the way business is run globally.

If you are interested in joining us, please send a CV and covering letter to

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