Register for our upcoming webinar 'Preparing for the CSDDD'

Register for our upcoming webinar 'Preparing for the CSDDD'

Whistleblowing policy framework

GoodCorporation's Whistleblowing Framework is designed to help organisations establish effective whistleblowing systems and create an environment in which stakeholders can 'speak up' and raise concerns in a safe and constructive manner. 

The framework incorporates key principles from the EU Whistleblowing Directive as well as ISO 37002:2021 Whistleblowing management systems, and other best practice in this area.

It can be used to evaluate and improve an organisation's existing system and assess key practices necessary to create an effective speak-up culture. It can also be used to design and build a new system or as the basis for an internal self-assessment or external review.

Areas covered by our whistleblowing framework

  • Leadership: senior management leads by example, ensuring that effective policies and systems are in place and an open-door culture is in operation.
  • Communications and training: the organisation ensures that employees are trained and all stakeholders are aware of the speak-up systems and processes.
  • Grievance policy: the organisation implements an effective grievance policy and that staff understand the difference between personal grievances and serious operational concerns.
  • Whistleblowing policy and management: the organisation is committed to the development and implementation of an effective whistleblowing system that is understood by all stakeholders and supported by an open-door culture.
  • Whistleblowing investigations: the organisation operates a fair and impartial process for investigating concerns raised through the speak-up system.
  • Avoidance of detriment: steps are taken to ensure that whistleblowers do not suffer any reprisal or recrimination.
  • Feedback, monitoring and independent: the organisation has effective internal and external monitoring and review systems in place to show that the system is working.

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