Integrity compliance framework

The GoodCorporation four-page Framework on Integrity Compliance is a set of responsible business principles, which can be used as a tool to assess and improve the robustness of management practices in relation to the risks of misconduct (fraud, corruption, collusion, coercive practices) in an organisation.

It can be used to review head office policies or at site level to evaluate their application in operating units in order to help organisations assess whether adequate procedures to prevent bribery are in place.

Areas covered by the framework

  • Top-level commitment: senior management actively promote the organisation's zero-tolerance of bribery and corruption and other integrity misconduct.
  • Communication and training: the organisation can demonstrate that it has taken steps to ensure that its anti-corruption and integrity policies are understood and properly embedded.
  • Risk assessment: the nature and extent of the organisation's exposure to all potential risks of bribery and other integrity misconduct are regularly assessed and reviewed.
  • Due diligence: a proportionate and risk-based approach to due diligence is applied to identify and mitigate any bribery risks posed by those providing services or operating on behalf of the organisation.
  • Key business functions: the organisation can demonstrate that it has understood and mitigated the bribery and integrity risks associated with its core business functions.
  • Compliance and monitoring: effective systems to monitor and review the effectiveness of anti-bribery and integrity procedures are clearly established.

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