Anti-corruption communications and training programmes

Companies that struggle with anti-bribery and corruption compliance are often struggling with a much more fundamental question: how to embed policies and procedures into the business? This requires effective communication and training programmes which can help deter bribery by employees and can also be deployed to reduce the corruption risks from third party suppliers. 

What we do

GoodCorporation offers a range of anti-corruption training options including e-learning, face-to-face training, workshops and webinars, all tailored to the needs of individual organisations. 

We also help devise clear communication programmes designed to reinforce an organisation’s zero-tolerance approach to corruption.

Anti-corruption e-learning courses

To help companies embed their anti-corruption programmes throughout the organisation and associated parties, GoodCorporation writes, designs and develops online training programmes tailored to the specific needs of the business.

We can design programmes from concept to completion or update existing training modules to incorporate policy changes.

Our e-learning programmes are a fast, cost-efficient way for ethics and compliance teams to improve engagement and information retention among staff. Courses are interactive, visually engaging with high-quality content tailored to the risks and needs of an individual business. Content can be adjusted to different targeted audiences with practical and realistic scenarios relevant to the business.

Courses can be accessed on all devices, are easy to navigate, branded in a client's colours and house style with access to completion statistics via a learning management system.

Embedding compliance through training and communications

This webinar, one of an 8-part series for Gulf-based organisation Pearl Initiative, examines the need to foster a culture of ethics and compliance and the various ways of implementing an effective communications and training programme.

Anti-corruption webinars

To help our clients deliver effective anti-corruption training, GoodCorporation also offers training webinars.

For Gulf-based business leadership organisation Pearl Initiative we designed and developed an 8-part webinar series on combating corruption. The content was based on GoodCorporation's white paper Combating Corruption: Businesses still at risk. The webinars explored the eight procedural areas necessary for implementing effective anti-bribery controls, with best practice guidance and in-depth discussion with participants.

Our webinars can be tailored to the needs of the organisation, using GoodCorporation's subject knowledge experts to lead the discussion and with the option for interactive sessions and scenario-based learning.

To see the full programme of Pearl Initiative webinars, click here

Using workshops to strengthen an anti-corruption programme

GoodCorporation's ethics and compliance workshops facilitate a deeper understanding of the potential impact of unethical behaviour on your organisation.

Using risk assessment workshops to strengthen an anti-corruption programme

GoodCorporation's ABC workshops facilitate a deeper understanding of the potential impact of unethical behaviour on an organisation by bringing together the key individuals, from across different business functions, that are affected by ethics or compliance issues.

Drawing on our anti-bribery and corruption knowledge, together with our experience of working across a wide range of industry sectors, our workshops can be tailor made to suit an organisation's specific anti-corruption risks and requirements.

GoodCorporation's risk-assessment workshops can be run at group or local level and offered internationally as required. 

Participation in our anti-corruption workshops enables companies to: - 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of anti-corruption risks
  • Understand the business need to address and manage these issues
  • Facilitate a discussion of best practice
  • Agree collective ownership for managing and embedding best practice
  • Enable a road map for improvement to be developed
  • Identify on-going procedures to measure and monitor improvement
  • Develop reporting mechanisms where required.



Face-to-face anti-corruption training courses

GoodCorporation designs and runs face-to-face anti-corruption training programmes for all levels of seniority. Our courses can be run internationally, in multiple languages and taking account of cultural sensitivities.

Content is tailored to the needs of each client and is designed to have impact and be memorable. GoodCorporation subject matter experts work closely with companies to design content that reflects best practice and ensures compliance with all relevant legislation.

Courses can be run internally as part of staff training or rolled out to contractors, subcontractors and other third parties.

GoodCorporation offers face-to-face training to help companies embed their ethics and compliance programmes

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