Anti Bribery & Corruption

Enhanced anti-corruption legislation worldwide is putting increasing pressure on organisations to demonstrate that they have adequate procedures in place to prevent corruption. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act are both being actively prosecuted by the UK and US authorities. Countries as far as part as China, India and Brazil are also starting to prosecute local and international companies for corruption. GoodCorporation has leading edge experience in helping clients to put in place strong anti-corruption programmes.

We also have unique benchmarking expertise, helping clients to measure their anti-corruption programmes and benchmarking them against other leading organisations. We have completed nearly 60 anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) assessments for over 30 international organisations among them FTSE 100, FTSE 250, Fortune 100 and CAC40 organisations.

Use of independent assessment of ABC programme post debarment monitorship

For a global organisation, headquartered in the UK, GoodCorporation undertook a high-level desktop review of their Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policies and Procedures. The organisation had recently been under a three-year…

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Building an ABC Due Diligence process

Anti-corruption due diligence has proved to be the hardest anti-bribery practice for companies to implement. Based on our findings from over 40 assessments, the GoodCorporation White Paper Combating Corruption: are…

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Evaluating adequate procedures under a debarment regime

For a major European construction firm, GoodCorporation provided services in relation to its release from an international organisation’s debarment regime. The client had been investigated and found guilty of bribery…

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ABC measurement as part of SFO monitoring

For a supplier of an oil major, GoodCorporation was asked by the lawyers to help measure the supplier’s adequate procedures to prevent corruption. Our client had self-reported, jointly with the…

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ABC assessment assists with SFO investigation

For a UK construction firm, GoodCorporation was asked to undertake a desktop review of its adequate procedures to prevent corruption. Having taken the decision to self-report to the SFO, the…

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Evaluating anti-corruption practices in a global organisation

For a leading extractives company, GoodCorporation developed a customised anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) handbook and assessment framework. This framework was then used as the basis for evaluation of the company’s…

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