Review of the BBC’s whistleblowing procedures

GoodCorporation undertook an independent review of the BBC’s Whistleblowing procedures as part of the Dame Janet Smith Review. The aim of this review was to ensure that the BBC’s policies and procedures were fit for purpose, up-to-date and reflective of best practice

The review involved the development of a tailor-made framework that set out the elements of good practice that should be expected within the BBC; interviews with key managers responsible for these areas; a review of all the relevant policies, procedures and records in each of these areas; an assessment against recommended good practice as set out by Public Concern at Work; interviews with employees and third parties and the production of a detailed report.

The review highlighted areas that were working well, identified any gaps and put forward recommended improvements to ensure the implementation of best practice.

The findings were accepted by Dame Janet Smith and were included in her Review published in February 2016.