UK DPA’s are not ‘cosy’ agreements

Anti-corruption is and will remain firmly on the agenda, said UK Serious Fraud Office director David Green at a recent GoodCorporation business ethics debate at the House of Lords in London.

Gareth Thomas summarised the debate in the FCPA Blog.

The debate looked at the future of anti-corruption prosecution. David Green made the SFO’s position very clear. “Damascene conversions” will not be acceptable to the SFO – self reporting is and will remain an essential precondition of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

Pleas that bribery is a price that has to be paid in certain parts of the world cannot be an acceptable way forward.

“Bribery is not a necessary evil in the marketplace. Business must accept that there may be some jurisdictions in which business cannot be done.” Green said.

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Posted March 14 2018