The logistics sector is fraught with ethics and compliance risks, in particular bribery and fraud; from low-level demands for facilitation payments to complex bribery schemes, smuggling and theft. In many parts of the developing world, corruption is endemic, with government employees such as customs officials routinely demanding facilitation payments to compensate for low wages. Developing and implementing best practice to deal with these challenges and comply with increasingly robust international anti-bribery legislation requires sector knowledge and expertise.

GoodCorporation has worked with international organisations who operate in this sector or use logistics companies as third parties since our foundation in 2000. Our work has involved high-level and site-level reviews of anti-bribery systems and processes, with recommended activities to mitigate risk. We have also developed anti-bribery training programmes delivering practical solutions for those in the field facing demands for payments.

Our clients in this sector have included: DHL, Bertling and La Poste