Anti-bribery and corruption digital assessment

Companies are under growing pressure to ensure that adequate procedures to prevent corruption are firmly in place, not just across their own organisation, but in subsidiaries and throughout the supply chain.

With many businesses dependent on a complex web of suppliers and third parties, this can be both daunting and challenging.

To help businesses meet these demands, GoodCorporation has developed a digital self-assessment tool that can be deployed cost-effectively by legal and compliance teams across supply chains, partners or subsidiaries. It provides a fast and easy means of properly testing the effectiveness of anti-bribery practices and procedures. 

How can a digital assessment help manage corruption risks?

GoodCorporation's digital assessment tool provides an excellent starting point for any third party anti-bribery and corruption compliance programme. It comprises a customised questionnaire based on our Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Framework that can be used internally or deployed across supply chains, partners or subsidiaries to check that adequate procedures to prevent corruption are in place. Such in-depth due diligence can help protect reputation and reduce the risk of prosecution or malpractice.

Proprietary grading algorithms are deployed to enable the digital assessment to generate a bespoke report that provides : -

  • An overview of existing compliance levels
  • Gap identification
  • Recommendations for improvement, and
  • Benchmarking data

Use of this anti-bribery and corruption digital assessment tool facilitates in-depth supply chain due diligence by providing an evaluation of the adequacy of the anti-corruption compliance programmes of third parties and related entities. It also provides benchmarking data to help companies monitor corruption risks in their supply chain effectively. 

An online anti-bribery and corruption due diligence tool tailored to your needs and risk profile

Target audience

Designed to be easily and cost-effectively deployed by compliance and legal teams across: -

  • your organisation
  • supply chains,
  • subsidiaries,
  • partners, and
  • other third parties.

The assessment can be made available in multiple languages to meet the needs of large international organisations.

Simple and easy to complete.

Online assessment

Participating companies complete a detailed questionnaire on key ABC areas including: -

  • Top-level commitment to prevent bribery
  • Communication and training of ABC policies
  • Understanding corruption risks
  • Implementation of anti-bribery procedures
  • Robust compliance and monitoring

Questions follow a simple multiple choice format based on GoodCorporation's ABC framework.

Reports and benchmarking

A full report of results and benchmarked data is produced for participating organisations, to assess compliance against the GoodCorporation framework.

It highlights gaps, red flags and the extent to which adequate policies and procedures are in place.

A summary report is also available providing client companies with a benchmarked comparative analysis of the suppliers, subsidiaries or partners assessed.

Enabling improvement

GoodCorporation's online reports provide a score card with four grades alongside specific recommendations for improvement.

If necessary, many of the recommendations can be addressed using GoodCorporation's Compliance Toolkit which offers a suite of resources that compliance teams can use to strengthen their programmes.

A third party report will identify higher risk third parties to enable risks to be prioritised.

See how our anti-bribery and corruption assessment tool works

Watch our demo video to see how our self-assessment tool can be deployed,  including: -

  • how to access and complete the assessment
  • how risk levels are calculated
  • the types of questions included, and
  • the information contained in our reports



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Five reasons why supply chain due diligence has become an essential requirement

  1. Regulatory pressure from legislation such as the UK Bribery Act and France's Loi Sapin II making organisations accountable for the activities of third parties acting on their behalf
  2. Increasing reporting requirements demanding that businesses report on the steps taken to have active oversight of their suppliers compliance procedures
  3. Investors too are starting to compel companies to evidence the measures in place to mitigate corruption and other risks in the supply chain
  4. Increased chance of reputational damage as a result of malpractice in the supply chain
  5. Increasing pressure from customers and employees on companies to evidence ethical management of their supply chain


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Key features of the anti-bribery and corruption digital assessment tool

Risk mitigation:  helps organisations comply with anti-corruption laws that require companies to have adequate procedures in place throughout the supply chain

Efficiency: provides a fast and simple way to check the corruption risks in existing and potential suppliers, partners and subsidiaries

Insight: Assesses actual rather than reported performance to give detailed insight into an organisation's ABC compliance programme

Improvement: Provides practical and actionable recommendations for improvement to reduce gaps in compliance programmes

Branding: Both the questionnaire and subsequent report can be customised to include the company logo or any specific business or industry terms

Benchmarking: Offers a verifiable understanding of the effectiveness of an organisations anti-corruption policies and procedures

Transparency: Provides evidence of due diligence undertaken, demonstrating insight and control over global third party relationships to help deter bribery and provide a level playing field for suppliers

Cost-efficiency: Offers different price points and packages to enable organisations to select the model that meets their budget and needs, dramatically reducing the cost from the traditional consultancy model

Flexibility: Allows organisations to complete the assessment at a time of their choosing that works around internal projects and deadlines

Expertise: Developed using GoodCorporation's 20+ years of experience in the field of anti-corruption, compliance and ethics

Graded report with recommendations for improvement produced

All participants receive a detailed report including a scorecard rating the adequacy of the anti-bribery procedures assessed. The report is broken down by topic area making it easy to identify and prioritise the key risks.

Results from the questionnaire are broken down into four different categories: -

  • No action required
  • Improvement recommended
  • Action required
  • Significant action required

Specific recommendations are included to help companies build a roadmap for improvement when action is needed.

Benchmarked data is provided to help organisations compare levels of adequacy within their supply chains.

The benchmark contains a gaps and risk analysis to help organisations evaluate and monitor supply chain risks in order to prioritise mitigation measures in the highest risk areas.

digital sample report

Tailored anti-bribery and corruption assessments to suit your organisation

Two types of assessment are available, verified and unverified, to suit organisational and budgetary requirements. For organisations deploying this across third parties, there is a secondary report providing a benchmarked summary of all assessed organisations.

For the verified digital assessment, participating organisations are required to upload specified documentary evidence for the answers provided. This evidence is then reviewed by GoodCorporation's subject matter experts to produce a verified report based on the answers and evidence provided.

Verified assessments act as a useful follow up on any supplier due diligence already conducted, providing an in-depth understanding of actual rather stated performance.

The unverified report provides the same graded analysis but based solely on the answers provided.

Interested in broader supplier ESG or sustainability due diligence?

Frequently asked questions about our anti-bribery and corruption digital assessment tool

 GoodCorporation has a thorough understanding of how to assess adequate procedures.  Their years of experience provided us with a trustworthy, third party review of our internal systems.

Jane Earl

former Company Secretary, BBC Worldwide

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