Code of conduct development and embedding

Establishing a robust code of conduct should be seen as a key component of risk management. An effective code will take account of all the areas where poor behaviour or decision-making might occur in order to ensure that a business is properly protected. Any failure to do so could put a business at risk.

GoodCorporation works with clients across multiple sectors and jurisdictions to design, build and embed codes of conduct that encourage responsible behaviour and help protect organisations.

Our code of conduct services

GoodCorporation offers a range of services to help companies build codes of conduct that really work. This can include: -

  • Analysis of core values, principles and company culture
  • Code of conduct benchmarking and evaluation to determine what should be included in the code
  • Risk assessment to identify areas that must be included
  • Gap analysis of existing systems, policies and procedures
  • Code of conduct design, drafting and development
  • Development of supporting policies and procedures
  • Development of a comprehensive programme to embed the code including training and e-learning, communication and promotion programmes, translation services and the development of ethics champions

Methodology for developing an effective code of conduct

GoodCorporation has supported numerous organisations with their codes of conduct, from the early stages of drafting through to a full international roll-out across multiple locations. We ensure that codes are developed to reflect the values the company wishes to promote, in a form that is accessible to employees operating in multiple geographies and cultural contexts.

Our five-step methodology ensures that the code of conduct will combine aspirational corporate values with clear statements and rules of behaviour.


Step 1: Analysis: All relevant documents, policies and existing codes are reviewed and analysed against our best practice standards


Step 2: Benchmarking: The existing code is benchmarked against our code of conduct database to provide an analysis against a range of peer organisations and identify any gaps in content


Step 3: Stakeholder interviews: Key stakeholders from across the organisation are interviewed to identify issues and concerns and understand all CSR and ESG commitments


Step 4: Recommendations: Drawing on the document analysis, benchmarking exercise and stakeholder interviews detailed content recommendations are provided


Step 5: Drafting: Based on our recommendations and best practice guidelines, GoodCorporation will draft the text of the code using the client's own communication guidelines.


graph illustrating the different stages of code of conduct development

Code of conduct benchmarking

GoodCorporation has developed a Code of Conduct benchmark that allows us to analyse how well a code of conduct compares with industry peers and competitors.

The Code of Conduct benchmark lists over 200 business ethics topics and features over 80 codes, including the Institute of Business Ethics Illustrative Code of Conduct, and can be used as an informed guide to existing and emerging best practice. Analysis against the GoodCorporation Benchmark provides a means of highlighting any gaps in an existing code and identifying all the key areas to be covered.

The benchmark also takes into account any legal framework applicable to the country or countries where an organisation operates.

GoodCorporation uses the Code of Conduct Benchmark to help ensure best practice is followed.

Embedding the code of conduct

Embedding the code of conduct throughout an organisation is critical to ensuring it is properly adhered to. This involves developing all the required policies and procedures as well as introducing appropriate training, e-learning and communications programmes.

GoodCorporation supports its client with policy and procedure development, using our expertise to draft documents and develop procedures tailored to the needs of your organisation.

We also prepare operation manuals and design training programmes that can be implemented across multiple entities and geographies. Our training programmes can include workshops and seminars, face-to-face interactive sessions, webinars and e-learning courses.

Our Code of Conduct team can also help design communication and promotional materials and work with colleagues to identify and train ethics champions.

We also specialise in building digital platforms for organisations to host their code of conduct.

Building a digital code of conduct

Hosting your code of conduct on a digital platform can significantly enhance engagement with the code. It can help raise awareness of the code among key stakeholders including clients, customers and suppliers, as well as managers and employees. It can also promote engagement with prospective employees applying for a position within your company.

Key features of the digital code of conduct include: -

  • Instant access to all policies and relevant documents
  • Links to other relevant internal or external websites or platforms
  • Offers a single sign-on facility for employees and enables relevant information to be easily accessed
  • Facilitates and strengthens code of conduct training through quizzes, Q&As and feedback forms
  • Promotes accessibility by offering options to vary text size, audio plug-ins, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Available in multiple languages, as required
  • Uses a modular design to offer both web and pdf versions as well as a glossary of terms to promote understanding
  • Enhances monitoring of the code by tracking interaction with the platform.


Code of conduct training

GoodCorporation offers a range of training options to help clients roll out and embed the code of conduct. Our courses can be run internationally and in multiple languages.

Our code of conduct training includes

  • Workshops and seminars
  • Face-to-face training
  • E-learning courses
  • Webinars
  • Business ethics champion training
  • Train the trainers training

The business community is under the spotlight like never before. We either demonstrate that we operate responsibly or we risk losing our licence to do business.

Lord Sharman

Former Chairman of Aviva and Chair of GoodCorporation's founding Advisory Panel


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