Compliance Toolkit

For smaller companies wishing to list, rapidly growing or suddenly under pressure from the regulators, GoodCorporation has developed a compliance toolkit providing off-the-shelf compliance support for companies looking to build an effective programme or fill in any remaining gaps.

The Compliance Toolkit contains the following:

  • Tool 1: Governance of Compliance
  • Tool 2: Code of Conduct benchmarking and design analysis 
  • Tool 3: Compliance policies and procedures
  • Tool 4: Compliance policies – supporting registers and forms
  • Tool 5: Due Diligence
  • Tool 6: Risk assessment 
  • Tool 7: Face-to-face and online training
  • Tool 8: Compliance and monitoring – self-assessment frameworks
  • Tool 9: Compliance and monitoring – benchmarking
  • Tool 10: Measuring ethical culture


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