Harassment and bullying

Bullying and harassment can have a highly negative impact on an organisation, causing long-term damage to employee well-being and workplace culture.

GoodCorporation has worked with leading organisations to help test and strengthen their procedures to combat bullying and harassment. We use our tailor-made framework to help businesses embed responsible management practices that create a positive workplace culture.

Organisations are expected to identify, prevent and address these issues. Well-communicated policies should be adopted, making expectations of behaviour clear. Companies should also operate an open-door culture with an effective reporting system to enable concerns to be raised freely and with confidence.

As companies respond to the requirements of the current UK Corporate Governance Code, ensuring that a strong and healthy culture is in place will become increasingly important. Taking the right steps towards building a workplace that is free from bullying and harassment will be an essential part of that process.

Bullying and harassment of any kind are in no-one's interest and should not be tolerated in the workplace. It is in every employer’s interests to promote a safe, healthy and fair environment in which people can work.


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