Human rights and modern slavery

The United Nations Guiding Principles make it clear that all companies have a responsibility to respect human rights, avoid any negative impact and address any issues that occur.

GoodCorporation helps organisations develop policies and processes to identify, prevent and address human rights impacts in both their own activities and those of their business partners.

Our frameworks on human rights help companies manage their salient human rights risks and put appropriate systems and policies in place to mitigate abuses.

Reporting requirements across the globe increasingly require companies to identify, prevent and address any adverse human rights impacts arising from their activities or business relationships.

We work with businesses to help with these reporting requirements and ensure compliance with legislation such as the Modern Slavery Act and France’s Duty of Vigilance law.

  • Gap analysis against GoodCorporation's Framework on Human Rights Governance & Management
  • Company-wide human rights risk assessment
  • Assessing salient human rights impacts in operations including: -
    • subsidiary/local units
    • major projects
    • suppliers, etc.
  • Advice on implementing a human rights due diligence programme
  • Development of policies and processes to address human rights/modern slavery impacts, including:
    • training material design
    • supplier/affiliate evaluation questionnaire, etc.
  • Facilitation of human rights training tailored to the needs of the organisation

Companies should recognise that the wider UN human rights system is scrutinising business conduct, and it will no longer be enough to speak of adhering to the UNGPs without also taking into account wider impacts of business activities on a range of human rights challenges around the world.

UN working group on business and human rights - July 2019

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