Register for our upcoming webinar 'Preparing for the CSDDD'

Register for our upcoming webinar 'Preparing for the CSDDD'

Corporate internal investigations

GoodCorporation offers specialised forensic investigations support to assist companies with the complex and highly sensitive process of investigating corporate misconduct. Our experience allows us to translate highly technical information into clear and comprehensible reports that meet our clients' needs.

When faced with allegations of fraud, corruption or employee misconduct, organisations have a legal and ethical responsibility to understand in full the extent to which wrongdoing may have taken place. Investigating such reports in a fair and systematic way is essential to making informed decisions regarding the need for disciplinary action, and in some cases, self-reporting offences to the authorities.

Our experienced teams follow a systematic approach, using forensic analysis, eDiscovery, data-gathering, and witness interviews, amongst other techniques, to gain a deep understanding of the issue and the actions required.

We also work with companies facing external investigations providing the necessary support and evidence gathering to help build a relevant defence case. When offering defence support, GoodCorporation does not, and is not intended to, provide legal advice.

Our investigations expertise

With over twenty years' experience, GoodCorporation can deploy specialist teams – even in the most remote places – to conduct internal investigations across a range of areas, from bribery and corruption and fraud, through to human rights, safeguarding and workplace misconduct allegations.

We have developed a reputation as a trusted investigations partner, working with organisations and their legal teams to address allegations of fraud, corruption, human rights abuses and other areas of misconduct. We offer specialised and tailored forensic investigation support to help navigate foreseen and unforeseen challenges, while upholding high ethical standards.

Our value lies in uncovering truth, providing guidance, and fostering a culture of transparency. By partnering with us, clients strengthen internal controls, make informed decisions, and promote accountability.

Key features of our investigations services

Thorough investigations: Expertly conducted, comprehensive and evidence-based investigations uncover all aspects of any allegation.

Industry expertise: Our experience across a wide variety of sectors brings a profound understanding of potential problems and the solutions needed for the most complex challenges.

Confidentiality: We deploy a dedicated team for each project who lead from start to finish. Strict protocols are applied to ensure that all information and investigation records stays safe and secure, helping us deliver confidential findings.

Impartiality and independence: Our investigation services offer companies impartial fact-finding. Our independence ensures the investigation is free from conflict of interest and undue influence, fostering an environment that allows for objective and unbiased examination. Our findings are supported by evidence, which minimises the possibility of subjective interpretations.

Customised solutions:  We offer a tailored approach to ensure a sensitively handled investigation with proposed solutions that align with your organisation's culture and empower informed actions.

Future proofing: our enhanced compliance, benchmarking and advisory services can be deployed to strengthen compliance frameworks and help prevent future issues.

The investigation commences with the identification of all implicated parties, followed by a comprehensive review of relevant email and electronic records, as well as physical and digital documents. 

Anomalies are meticulously identified, and cross-checking is performed between other evidence/systems and email records/documents. Leveraging GoodCorporation's 20-year experience, we conduct witness interviews, drawing on our extensive expertise in stakeholder interactions at headquarters and onsite. 


As part of the forensic analysis, GoodCorporation works with internal IT departments or external partners to identify and search for digital evicence.

We conduct internal eDiscovery by identifying potentially discoverable information and then narrowing it down to the relevant documents. For this purpose, searched media can include e-mails, messaging chats, documents, accounting databases, websites and any other electronic information stored by the organisation.

GoodCorporation uses eDiscovery software which supports the cost-effective and fast review of large volumes of documentation and data within a secure environment.

Listen to our podcast to find out more about our investigations approach

Our investigations services

GoodCorporation provides clients with tailor-made and cost-effective investigations support for allegations in a range of high-risk and sensitive areas, including:

Managing monitorships and debarments

Working with a monitor or responding to an actual or potential debarment can be an enormous challenge. For companies facing these difficulties, we use our Anti-Corruption and Integrity Compliance Frameworks to test, strengthen and evaluate compliance programmes.

This enables companies to:

  • Define any failures and their causes
  • Assess the controls that exist and how well they are applied
  • Prepare a programme of mediation to embed adequate procedures
  • Provide the evidence needed to demonstrate sustained and continuous improvement

GoodCorporation conducts internal investigations of alleged corruption and works with organisations under investigation.

Workplace investigations

We provide investigations support to human resources departments dealing with sensitive or complex employee relations issues and allegations of workplace misconduct, including bullying & harassment. ​

GoodCorporation has a great deal of experience conducting workplace investigations within international organisations and between culturally diverse parties. Our team is trained in the sensitivity required in interviewing management and employees on workplace grievances and in following up whistleblowing/speak up allegations.

To find out more about workplace investigations, read our blog using the link below.


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