Register for our upcoming webinar 'Preparing for the CSDDD'

Register for our upcoming webinar 'Preparing for the CSDDD'

Corporate investigation defence support

Building a defence case when facing prosecution or debarment is a critical and time consuming exercise.  GoodCorporation offers a range of services that provide defence support for organisations facing prosecution or debarment. We help organisations to evidence that they have adequate procedures in place to prevent bribery and corruption.

By benchmarking the current procedures of a company against a significant and detailed database of other organisations, GoodCorporation can assist an organisation in making a legal argument that its procedures are comparable to its peers (or better).

This type of review can also be used as a diagnostic evaluation of the company’s local policies and procedures, we use our findings to identify the mitigation measures needed, highlighting those that can be undertaken rapidly to help address any weaknesses identified in systems or procedures.

Additionally, GoodCorporation can assist companies and their in-house or external legal counsels creating investigative strategies designed to challenge prosecutors’ cases and bolster defence theories to be usable in court.  We can provide organisations with evidence that can support their goals in an understandable and clear way.

When offering defence support, GoodCorporation does not, and does not intend to, provide legal advice.

GC Support for organisations under investigation

Building an effective defence strategy when under investigation

GoodCorporation works with companies facing investigation, monitorship or debarment to help build an effective defence strategy. Companies use our investigation services to ensure they understand the full extent of any wrongdoing and prepare the necessary materials to build their defence case.

As part of this process we also test, strengthen and evaluate existing compliance programmes. This enables us to conduct a gap analysis and develop a robust plan for corrective actions. We provide recommended changes to policies and processes that can be used as part of any future discussion with the authorities.

We can also perform the duties of a monitor to assess, revise and strengthen practices and procedures. This approach can help deliver sustained and continuous improvement to underpin any defence. We design and implement 'corporate renewal' programmes and use our benchmarking to evidence that improvements are being made over time.

GoodCorporation is experienced in working with regulatory bodies and our material has been submitted to regulatory bodies and has helped achieve a favourable outcome. Please see the table to our left for examples of the industries we have worked in.

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