Whistleblowing is an essential component of good corporate governance and should be embraced as part of an open and transparent culture. Malpractice can seriously damage an organisation, so it is in the corporate interest to encourage staff to raise concerns as openly and freely as possible.

GoodCorporation has developed a Whistleblowing Framework that can be used to design, embed or evaluate an organisation’s whistleblowing system and speak up culture.

Effective speak-up systems allow concerns to be heard and addressed long before an employee might feel the need to blow the whistle. This is best done through:

  • Establishing an open door culture where concerns can be raised freely
  • Implementing a credible grievance policy for HR complaints to manage the likely 70% of calls that relate to HR issues
  • Operating a trusted whistleblowing mechanism for raising concerns

GoodCorporation has worked with clients to build appropriate systems into their operations and assess the effectiveness of their whistleblowing procedures. We can also provide a benchmarking service to enable companies to review how well their systems are working compared to industry standards.

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