The corporate responsibility for managing climate change and human rights impacts

It is widely accepted that organisations have a duty to manage both their human rights and climate change impacts. This was reinforced when the United Nations Human Rights Council acknowledged the human right to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

To explore these issues in more detail, GoodCorporation consultant Lucie Bonpain, spoke to Anna Triponel, specialist in business and human rights and founder of the firm Human Level.

Recorded to mark GoodCorporation’s 21st anniversary, Lucie and Anna explore this challenging topic in two podcasts.

In our first pod, we lay the groundwork for understanding the links between human rights and climate change: Why is this a critical issue? What do human rights have to do with climate change? Which human rights are affected by climate change?   

In our second, we discuss the role of business, the risks and challenges they face, and provide guidance on how they can change their practices and seize the unique opportunity to implement measures that respect human rights and climate change.