GoodCorporation welcomes Transparency International’s Report on Global Corruption in Sport

“When you can write a 400-page report about why something is wrong, you’re not dealing with a minor yellow card offence. Sport has tolerated foul play for far too long, so Transparency International is absolutely right to call for real, irreversible change in its Global Corruption Report on Sport. Poor governance, corruption, doping and match-fixing threaten to undermine sport and all the benefits it brings. It is already in danger of being seen but not believed.

“GoodCorporation has been arguing for some time that governing bodies can no longer operate behind closed doors, free from external oversight, transparency or accountability. They need to understand that rules matter on and off the pitch and apply not just to those participating but to all who manage, promote and govern sport, ” said Leo Martin, director of GoodCorporation.


Leo Martin is available for interview on the sports governance and the Fifa election. Contact Sally McGeachieby email or on 020 8877 5300

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