Diversity, equity and inclusion

Creating the right workplace culture is increasingly regarded as critical to business success and sustainability. A key component in getting this right is a genuine commitment to the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). This means creating an environment in which all individuals experience equality of opportunity irrespective of their identity or characteristics.

Successfully embedding DEI in a company’s strategy delivers a sustainable and competitive advantage. It leads to higher retention levels, greater workforce engagement, the ability to attract top talent, better innovation and stronger decision-making.

GoodCorporation offers a range of DEI consultancy services to help organisations design, embed or evaluate their approach to DEI including bespoke services for the careful and meaningful management of certain protected characteristics.


Our DEI services

Building and implementing an effective DEI programme requires ongoing effort. GoodCorporation provides the following services to help organisations implement best practice in this complex area.

  • Strategy and programme design: establishing a practical roadmap which takes account of an organisation's main priorities and challenges
  • Gap analysis: review of existing DEI practices, policies and procedures to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Benchmarking of policies and best practice: reviewing existing policies against industry peers and/or top-performers from other sectors to highlight areas for improvement
  • Training: designing bespoke training materials and delivering as needed
  • Policy development: building sensible policies and processes to implement
  • Feedback collection tools: developing tools to collect staff and stakeholder feedback to inform the ongoing improvement of an organisation's DEI programme

The key benefits of DEI

Cultivating an inclusive business culture can be challenging, particularly for global organisations attempting to implement a corporate DEI policy across multiple geographies. Commitment to DEI can also vary significantly, with some sceptical about any returns on investment and others considering DEI as a 'nice to have' rather than the core element of a healthy company culture.

Those organisations that embrace DEI however, are seeing the benefits of an inclusive work culture including:

  • Greater employee wellbeing
  • Promotes trust between stakeholders
  • Improved company culture that fosters a sense of belonging
  • Increased and improved innovation
  • Better decision-making – the avoidance of group-think
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Improved staff retention
  • Better access to top talent
  • Reduction in workplace stress and burnout
  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Development of a competitive advantage

GoodCorporation has more than 20 years of experience helping organisations create ethical and inclusive business cultures.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Framework

The GoodCorporation Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Framework is a set of responsible management practices that demonstrate a results-driven approach to DEI. By following the practices outlined in the Framework, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to promoting DEI throughout their operations and ensure that their expectations for DEI are communicated to all stakeholders.

The framework covers the key areas of management and implementation needed to successfully embed best DEI practice throughout an organisation. This includes the governance of DEI with evidence of senior level commitment; allocation of resources; the extent to which legal obligations are understood; how the needs of all stakeholders are met; training and awareness raising, as well as monitoring, review and incident management.

Our framework can be used to design, embed or evaluate an organisation’s approach to DEI and/or its approach towards one or more specific protected characteristics. Characteristics typically protected by law include: sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age and sexual orientation.

Organisations can use this framework internally as a checklist for the development of best practice or as the basis of an external review by GoodCorporation. Such reviews can be used as a foundation for a gap analysis, as means of tracking improvement over time, providing reporting metrics and independently verified evidence of progress and performance.


Download our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Framework

DEI gap analysis

Conducting a gap analysis is an efficient way for organisations to understand how well they currently perform and identify key areas for improvements.

Using our DEI Framework as the starting point, our gap analysis comprises a qualitative and quantitative review of an organisation's DEI practices. Stakeholders are interviewed to provide an in-depth understanding of how practice works on the ground, while policies, systems and internal data are analysed to provide quantifiable supporting information.

The scope of the review is agreed in advance and the findings are analysed against the Framework's set of recommended practices to identify any gaps and areas for improvement.

Recommendations are proposed and, to ensure maximum effectiveness and engagement across the organisation, stakeholder focus groups and senior leadership workshops are conducted. Feedback is collated and used to develop a pragmatic, achievable and prioritised action plan, with clear levels of ownership and accountability.

How do organisations approach DEI? A GoodCorporation report

GoodCorporation has surveyed 50+ organisations operating across a range of industries and located in a number of countries to gain a better understanding of how today’s organisations approach DEI.

The survey investigated selected organisational practices that contribute to the effective implementation of a DEI programme including governance, monitoring and analysis of DEI indicators and statistics, target setting and speak up.

Our latest report analyses the survey findings, highlighting areas of best practice and indicating where improvements can still be made.

This report can be used to understand your own organisation’s position on DEI.

DEI benchmarking

To help companies evaluate their DEI programmes against emerging best practice, GoodCorporation offers DEI benchmarking services. Benchmarking enables organisations to compare their practices and procedures against those of industry peers and/or competitors.

With regulators, investors and stakeholders increasingly requiring evidence of how DEI is managed, a DEI benchmark analysis helps organisations develop effective best practice and avoid box-ticking initiatives. Benchmark data can also be powerful when engaging with senior leadership to drive improvement, secure support and obtain the necessary resources.

GoodCorporation's benchmarking services include the drafting of a detailed report, which combines benchmark findings with recommendations for improvement. Each report will be compiled by our expert DEI team, drawing on 20+ years of experience evaluating DEI issues internationally at group, subsidiary and local levels.

DEI training

Training is one of the essential core elements of an effective DEI strategy.

GoodCorporation designs bespoke DEI training programmes tailored to an organisation's specific needs, audience and challenges. Developed by subject matter experts with extensive knowledge of designing effective DEI strategies and programmes, our training offers:

  • Interactive engagement
  • Real-life scenarios
  • Multiple training formats and platforms
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Collaborative content development
  • Value for money

GoodCorporation's DEI training can be delivered face-to-face or online using our e-learning platform, or through workshops and webinars.

Our DEI training covers a range of topics including:

  • Promoting an inclusive culture
  • Unconscious bias
  • Managing microaggressions
  • Building cultural competence
  • Allyship
  • Diversity vs Inclusion vs Belonging

Frequently asked questions about diversity, equity and inclusion

From acting on DEI governance to analysing DEI statistics, DEI training and appropriate speak-up cultures, the implementation of long-term solutions is vital to building sustainable businesses.

From How do organisations approach DEI?

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