Business Ethics

A core service offered by GoodCorporation is the assessment of how well business policies and procedures work on the ground. This work has been undertaken in a wide variety of sectors and geographies such as:

  • Energy: oil and gas production in over 40 countries ranging from Latin America – Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil; North America – US and Canada; Africa – Angola, Algeria, Nigeria and Egypt; Asia – India, Indonesia and China and Europe – the Netherlands, Norway UK and Italy
  • Telecoms products and services in the UK, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, India and Senegal
  • Chemicals manufacture in China, the US, Canada, UK, Poland, South Africa and Mexico
  • Automotive retail in the UK
  • Defence and aviation in the UK, US Canada, France and Germany
  • Mining in South Africa, Kazakhstan and the Central African Republic
  • Pharmaceuticals in the UK, US, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Jordan
  • The banknote manufacturing industry in the UK, Sweden, Brazil, France, the US, Mexico and Australia

Assessments can lead to accreditation in the case of TrustFord or can be tailored to an organisation’s own code of conduct as is the case with our leading oil major.

Establishing robust ethical practices in a new market

Establishing best practice in a newly acquired company in an emerging market can present significant management problems. When Telefónica bought and merged the Czech Republic’s Cesky Telecom and Euro Praha…

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Accreditation against the GoodCorporation Business Ethics Standard

Putting the effectiveness of your code of conduct to the test can be a brave move, however, receiving independent accreditation of the robustness of a company’s business practices can be…

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Global Code of Conduct assessments for leading oil major

GoodCorporation has worked with one of the world’s largest oil groups since 2001. Like many organisations in this sector it is geographically widespread, culturally varied, and located in some politically…

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