Measuring corporate culture

The Financial Reporting Council is advising boards to “seek assurances about the health of the culture by taking the company’s temperature of the organisation on a regular basis”.

This should mean gathering evidence by monitoring chosen indicators to gain insights into the overall culture. GoodCorporation explores the importance and practicalities of measuring culture in our white paper Measuring Ethical Culture.

To assist businesses, GoodCorporation has devised an Ethical Culture Healthcheck based on ten key drivers which determine ethical behaviour.

From the drivers, 25 culture statements have been identified which are used as the basis for a short employee interview to provide both quantitative and qualitative data on employees perception of their organisation’s culture.


GoodCorporation’s Ethical Culture Healthcheck


• Interview a representative stratified sample of employees
• Interviews scheduled over a two-week period

• Interviewees complete a questionnaire based on 25 culture statements
• Experienced interviewer explores responses to obtain qualitative data

• Questionnaire results and interview responses produce qualitative and quantitative data
• A Net Ethical Culture score is calculated which can be benchmarked against the UK average

The quantitative and qualitative data is analysed to produce an culture data dashboard and a net ethical culture (NEC) score. The results can be benchmarked against our UK average and used in management reports.