Workplace investigations

GoodCorporation can provide investigations support to human resources departments dealing with sensitive or complex employee relations issues and allegations of workplace misconduct, including bullying & harassment or any other inappropriate behaviour or policy violations in the workplace.

GoodCorporation consultants have a great deal of experience conducting interviews and investigating workplace issues within international organisations and between culturally diverse parties. Our team is also trained in the sensitivity required in interviewing management and employees on workplace grievances and in following up whistleblowing or speak-up allegations.

With 20 years of experience working with clients to assess and embed responsible business practices, we provide investigations support to human resources departments dealing with sensitive or complex employee relations issues and allegations of workplace misconduct, including bullying & harassment.  We help clients to identify inherent weaknesses in systems and procedures that may have led to grievances or complaints, and to identify remedial action where needed.

Workplace investigation examples

Employee misconduct

We work in close cooperation with an organisation’s human resources and legal teams to determine the most appropriate method for investigating employee relations allegations, ensuring that all the data we collect is usable, legal, and ethically obtained.

In addition, we also offer bespoke Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) services when investigating workplace misconduct such as Bullying & Harassment. We have worked with reputable organisations, including those in the reporting sector, to independently and impartially investigate and evaluate the culture and working procedures in departments with a history of complex employment-related issues, ethnic and gender discrimination as well as abuses.

Our workplace investigation scope is not limited to purely fact-finding missions but may also extend to identifying the underlying root causes behind a workplace misconduct and delivering practical recommendations for building a safe workplace culture and instilling trust within the organisation and among the affected team.

Compliance policy violations

GoodCorporation has supported numerous organisations with the development and drafting of their codes of conduct and compliance policies. We have knowledge and experience across all business ethics areas, and our involvement in code of conduct development stretches from the early stage of content development and drafting through to full international roll-outs across multiple locations and geographies.

Our workplace investigation methods and tools:

Any workplace investigation needs to be handled sensitively. As such we deploy a number of techniques and tools to ensure the right approach to discover the full extent of any allegation.

These include: -

eDiscovery (internal/exernal)

Document reviews

Investigative interviews

Collecting evidence

Useful frameworks for workplace investigations

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Framework

The GoodCorporation Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Framework plays a pivotal role in addressing workplace misconduct, particularly in the context of bullying and harassment investigations. Organisations can take advantage of our DEI expertise and leverage the framework to help navigate and manage such investigations more effectively.

The framework's emphasis on governance, senior-level commitment, resource allocation, and legal obligations ensures a robust foundation for addressing bullying and harassment incidents. Organisations can use the framework to assess and enhance their approach to these issues, promoting a culture of respect and inclusion that actively discourages such misconduct.

The framework's focus on meeting the needs of all stakeholders, including those affected by bullying and harassment, underscores its applicability in fostering a supportive environment for employees. In the aftermath of the investigation, training and awareness initiatives outlined in the framework can aid in educating employees and leaders about the detrimental effects of workplace misconduct, promoting a more informed and empathetic workplace.

Download our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Framework
Image of DEI framework

Harassment and Bullying Framework

GoodCorporation has worked with leading organisations to help test and strengthen their procedures to combat bullying and harassment. We use our tailor-made framework to help businesses embed responsible management practices that create a positive workplace culture.

GoodCorporation's Framework on Bullying and Harassment is a set of responsible management practices that can be implemented to demonstrate an approach to bullying and harassment that recognises and respects dignity at work. The two-page can be used to design, embed or assess an organisation's approach to bullying and harassment.

Download our Framework on Bullying and Harassment


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