Integrity compliance

Compliance, conduct and regulatory risk are just as important as credit risk. Indeed, integrity compliance is an increasingly critical issue for both the investor and business community.

The World Bank Group and related multilateral financial institutions (MFIs) have strict integrity compliance and governance requirements which place obligations on those in receipt of funds.

The penalties for an inadequate programme are high including debarment, cross-debarment, reputational damage, restricted access to finance and increased financing costs.

GoodCorporation clients in receipt World Bank or other MFI funds work with our Integrity Compliance Framework to:

  • Demonstrate that they have measured and evaluated their compliance and integrity risks
  • Have an appropriate integrity compliance action plan in place to mitigate risks
  • Have a system in place that meets international requirements

As the value of integrity states: the interests of the World Bank Group and our clients come first. Corruption and poor governance are major challenges to the institution’s twin goals. One of the best ways to mitigate potential conflicts of interest and corrupt practices is to require transparency and disclosure.

World Bank Group Ethics and Business Conduct Department Annual Fiscal Report 2018

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