Accreditation against the GoodCorporation Business Ethics Standard

Putting the effectiveness of your code of conduct to the test can be a brave move, however, receiving independent accreditation of the robustness of a company’s business practices can be extremely reassuring, particularly for those operating in high-risk industries or trading with customers where reputation is vital to business success.

Accreditation against the GoodCorporation Business Ethics Standard enables an organisation to take its ethical temperature. It involves an assessment against the Business Ethics Standard with levels of evidence for each of the 96 principles examined and grades awarded against a five-point scale.

TrustFord became the first car dealership to receive our accreditation. It followed a comprehensive review of the organisation covering multiple dealerships across the UK as well as interviews with employees, customers and suppliers as well as senior management and other key stakeholders.

We are incredibly proud to receive such a prestigious accolade. As a business we are driven by two fundamental objectives: to provide our customers with the best experience and to provide our work colleagues with an environment in which they can thrive. I believe it is our commitment to these principles that has resulted in TrustFord being the first automotive dealership to receive this accreditation.

Steve Hood

TrustFord Chairman and CEO

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