Governance review for Professional Cricketers Association

The Professional Cricketers Association (The PCA) appointed GoodCorporation to conduct a review of its board governance structure, operation and effectiveness, covering the five organisations under the umbrella of the PCA. The review came at a time of considerable change in professional cricket, in particular with the introduction of T20 competitions in a number of countries around the world, the rapid development of international women’s cricket, new media driven funding models for the sport and continued challenges for cricket to maintain and grow its local and international popularity.

The review was designed to determine if the existing structure and effectiveness of the board remained fit for purpose. GoodCorporation developed a tailored Framework, based on our Board Governance Framework and our Sports Integrity Framework, which covered board structures, planning and competencies, and overall effectiveness.

GoodCorporation conducted more than 30 interviews with representatives of the five entities, the PCA management team, players and former players, three other international cricketers associations and various other stakeholders. The review also covered constitutions, partnership agreements, board minutes, annual returns, annual reports, relevant Companies’ House documents. The report made a range of recommendations designed to improve working practices and ensure it met recognised good governance practices.

GoodCorporation took the time to find out who we are, how we operate and what drives us.

GoodCorporation client survey, 2018

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