While the legal framework on antitrust may be clear, companies need to ensure that they have the right practices and procedures in place to ensure compliance. GoodCorporation has worked with organisations to assess existing systems and build robust practices.

Building robust antitrust practices

For a European manufacturer, GoodCorporation helped evaluate and develop its antitrust policies and procedures. The client had been fined by a leading EU state for anti-competitive practices, relating to collusion with some of its key competitors. GoodCorporation did an initial rapid review of the client’s anti-trust procedures, using the GoodCorporation Antitrust Framework as a base….

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Evaluating antitrust practices

For a global bank-note manufacturer, working as part of the BnEI scheme, GoodCorporation undertook assessments of the organisation’s antitrust policies and procedures. This assessment took place over two weeks, with work undertaken in the main headquarters and in two operational sites. The assessment used the BnEI evaluation framework the key elements of which are replicated…

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