UK Government has no plans to water down the Bribery Act

Chris Grayling MP, has written to the Bond Anti-Corruption Group confirming that the UK government has no plans to review the Bribery Act.

In his letter, Mr Grayling states:

‘We have no plans to diminish the role of, what we agree, is world leading legislation.’

‘As part of our continuing implementation of the Bribery Act, we want to make sure that businesses, particularly SMEs, properly understand the requirements of the Act and Ministry guidance. I can confirm, however, that there is no intention to relax the application of the Bribery Act. I agree that the Act is making a very positive contribution to the international consensus against corruption and helps to promote ethical business practice across the globe.’

As GoodCorporation said in an earlier blog, the Bribery Act is widely viewed as a gold standard in anti-corruption legislation, now is not the time to opt for silver plate instead. The letter from Mr Grayling is good news.

Click here to read the letter in full.