Autumn 2018

Tackling bullying and harassment in the workplace

GoodCorporation’s October debate at the House of Lords asked why bullying and harassment are still issues in the workplace and what business can do to tackle this. Rachel Crasnow QC led the discussion emphasising the importance of training for all staff, particularly managers. Managing people often requires difficult conversations to be had, yet those in managerial roles rarely receive training on this aspect of their job. A trusted speak-up system, effective communication and sanctions for any proven cases of bullying or harassment must all be implemented if a zero-tolerance approach is to be properly effective. A full summary of the debate is on our website. Bullying and harassment can have a significant and negative impact on a business, its employees and its work culture. Companies are expected to identify, prevent and address any such incidents. GoodCorporation has worked with leading organisations to help test and strengthen their anti-bullying and harassment procedures, using our Bullying and Harassment Framework.

Five steps to CFA compliance

Following the introduction of the Criminal Finances Act into UK legislation in 2017, organisations can now be held criminally liable for failing to prevent anyone acting for or on their behalf from facilitating the evasion of UK or foreign tax. Conviction comes with serious consequences, including a potentially unlimited fine. GoodCorporation has identified five critical factors that companies need to consider when implementing compliance with the new legislation. Click here to read the blog

New compliance toolkit

For smaller companies wishing to list, rapidly growing or suddenly under pressure from regulators, GoodCorporation has developed a compliance toolkit providing off-the-shelf compliance support to help build an effective programme or fill in any remaining gaps. Ten compliance tools are available, including code of conduct design and benchmarking; compliance policies and procedures; risk assessment as well as face-to-face and online training. Contact us for details.

Forthcoming events

We are delighted that Lisa Osofsky, Director of the Serious Fraud Office, will open our debate with business leaders on the anti-corruption landscape. Held at the House of Lords on November 7, attendance is by invitation only. We are also holding a safeguarding discussion group on November 8, exploring the results of our recent survey and looking at safeguarding best practice for organisations.

In Brief...

Paris anti-corruption debate

Last month, GoodCorporation asked how French  companies are dealing with the country’s new anti-bribery law, looking at the challenges they face complying with this tough legislation. How are businesses and authorities responding?

Read the debate summary here

Assessing the drivers of ethical culture

Assessing the strength of key cultural drivers that underpin responsible decision making can help employers mitigate risks to both reputation and the bottom line.

Our article in Financial Management examines the issues.


Is GDPR over?

As GDPR came into force, it led to an avalanche of notifications and data protection requests. In October’s Ethical Corporation, we look at the steps taken to date, examine the compliance challenges and highlight emerging best practice.

Read the article here

Modern Slavery Act - Review

The Home Office has commissioned an independent review of the Modern Slavery Act. The aim of the review is to understand how the Act is operating in practice and whether the legal framework is fit for purpose. To contribute to the review, click here.