Creating a speak-up culture is a key component of making whistleblowing work.

Embedding ethical practice in UK engineering

GoodCorporation conducts a review of ethical culture and practices in UK engineering

GoodCorporation has been engaged by the Royal Academy of Engineering to conduct a review of ethical culture and practices in UK engineering.

UK engineers, technicians, companies and professional bodies are being invited to participate in a series of surveys and in-depth interviews designed to show the extent to which ethics is embedded in UK engineering.

The need for the review was identified by the Engineering Ethics Reference Group (EERG), a joint initiative of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Engineering Council, in a report published in February and entitled "Engineering Ethics: Maintaining Society's Trust in the Engineering Profession". The report outlined a new vision for ethics in the sector and proposed a series of actions to embed ethical engineering in the UK profession.

The Royal Academy of Engineering is committed to promoting ethical practice in the engineering profession as part of its overall strategy to help secure a globally responsible, inclusive and sustainable economy.

GoodCorporation's review is expected to be released this autumn. If you would like to participate in the research, find out more via the link below.

Devastating impact of climate change on human rights

The human influence on global warming is undeniable and is resulting in widespread changes. Businesses must therefore take into account of the impact of their activities on climate change and the subsequent impact this might have on human rights.
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GoodCorporation has ventured into the realms of podcasting and has now produced a number of short podcasts on our anti-corruption and whistleblowing services.

Our latest podcast on whistleblowing examines the two pillars of effective speak-up; trust and communication. We also examine the role of senior management and the importance of training.

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GoodCorporation's first Business Ethics debate of 2022 looked at whistleblowing and asked whether new legislation in the EU and UK will make whistleblowing the norm rather than the exception in the corporate world.

With thanks to our host Baroness Neville Jones, to Georgina Halford-Hall who led the discussion and to the many guests who contributed to a thought-provoking debate.

Embedding an effective speak-up or whistleblowing culture is an essential part of making whistleblowing work

Earlier this year, we took part in the EQS webinar series It's time to speak up! where we examined the steps businesses can take to ensure their whistleblowing systems are well embedded.

In our webinar we explore the key drivers that create an ethical corporate culture and drill down further to show which of these are critical  to building an effective speak-up culture.

With ESG continuing to dominate the agenda, companies are investing resources into how to effectively embed ESG into their business models. GoodCorporation offers a range of services to help businesses access growing ESG funds

The 2022 Chatham House Responsible Business Conference examined the future of corporate leadership with a focus on ESG.

GoodCorporation director Gareth Thomas joined the panel to discuss the role of regulators, business and the finance sector in embedding social and environmental commitments into business models and activities. Our latest blog explores some of the key points raised in the discussion.