Investigations, Monitorships & Debarment

GoodCorporation’s extensive anti-bribery and corruption experience makes it well placed to provide monitorship, debarment and investigation services. GoodCorporation combines its deep knowledge of business and its use of procedures to address bribery and corruption risks, with knowledge of relevant laws, regulations and guidance provided by authorities.  

Companies facing investigation, monitorship or debarment work with GoodCorporation, using our Anti-Corruption and Integrity Compliance Frameworks to test, strengthen and evaluate their compliance programmes in order to demonstrate sustained and continuous improvement. 

GoodCorporation has a suite of investigation services that allow organisations to take control of the issues and make informed decisions. We act as a trusted advisor, providing discrete, impartial advice for the benefit of our clients. We are also able to act under legal privilege when commissioned in the appropriate way. 

GoodCorporation has conducted internal investigations of alleged corruption and also worked with organisations under investigation by regulatory authorities. 

Our services include: 

  • Monitorship & debarment services:  
    • Defining the failure and its causes
    • Assessing what controls exist and how well they are applied
    • Programme of remediation – adequate procedures
    • eDiscovery
  • Investigations: 
    • Forensic Analysis 
    • Internal eDiscovery 


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