Register for our upcoming webinar 'Preparing for the CSDDD'

Register for our upcoming webinar 'Preparing for the CSDDD'

Preparing for the CSDDD | July 2024

About the webinar

Our upcoming webinar, "Preparing for the CSDDD," is tailored for business leaders and compliance professionals navigating the new European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD). After providing background to the legislation, this session will explore why the CSDDD is so significant for businesses, looking at its transformative impact on corporate accountability and sustainability as well as outlining the essential, practical steps that businesses need to take to comply with this new legislation.  

This interactive webinar is designed to equip businesses with the critical knowledge and actionable strategies needed to navigate and comply with this pivotal regulatory framework. Join us to ensure that your organisation is prepared to meet the demands of the CSDDD.

Key discussion points

  • What the CSDDD Means for Your Business: Gain an understanding of what the CSDDD entails and how it will affect various aspects of corporate operations. 
  • Context and Background of the Legislation: Learn about the legislative background and development of the CSDDD, focusing on why it has been introduced now and what this means for businesses.
  • Strategic  Approach to Preparing for the CSDDD: The core focus of the webinar is to introduce and elaborate on a practical, step-by-step approach to prepare for the CSDDD. Our expert speakers will break down the directive's requirements, translating them into concrete actions to provide a clear, systematic strategy that businesses can undergo now to prepare. 
  • How GoodCorporation Can Help: Find out how GoodCorporation can support your business in navigating the CSDDD.  

31st July 2024

12:00 - 12:45pm



Sarah Coombes image

Sarah Coombes: Sarah Coombes is a Director at GoodCorporation. She leads projects on a range of business ethics and corporate governance issues including anti-bribery and corruption, ESG, fraud, and modern slavery. She led the development of GoodCorporation's Framework on Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence, which draws on the CSDDD and international best practice, and advises companies on their readiness for CSDDD requirements.  


Clément Caballero: Clément Caballero leads GoodCorporation's Code of Conduct practice, overseeing client projects for leading international organisations. He also has experience working on global supply chains, assessing and improving due diligence programmes and evaluating human rights risks in companies' supply chains. Prior to joining GoodCorporation, Clément worked in corporate governance, CSR, risk management and human rights for multinationals in the oil & gas and tech sectors.

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