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New board announcement                 Developing an ESG strategy

As GoodCorporation continues to grow, three non-executive directors have been appointed to the board, bringing a wealth of business development, finance and strategy experience.

Vicky Pryce has a long association with GoodCorporation which she co-founded. She has held senior economic positions in banking and the oil sector.

Catherine Roche also has a long association with GoodCorporation and is Chief Executive of children's mental health charity Place2Be.

Mei Li Powell has had a global career in financial services with a particular expertise in business growth.

Leo Martin and the rest of the GoodCorporation team are delighted to welcome our new board members to the company at such an important stage in our development. Their combined expertise will add considerable strength to our management team, supporting our further growth and development.

Companies are under greater scrutiny than ever before. It is widely accepted they have an impact on the planet that must be managed and a duty to stakeholders who are impacted by their activities.


Investors, and now regulators, are demanding to see how these material issues are being managed, so taking a passive approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is no longer an option. Having an effective strategy for ESG is now a requirement.

GoodCorporation works with companies to develop their ESG strategies. We help identify all material ESG issues; analyse any regulatory or reporting requirements; create a baseline to assess what is already in place; set clear targets to demonstrate commitment and help build a framework setting out what needs to be done with a detailed road map for implementation. Once the framework has been established we work with clients to produce a clear communications plan for all stakeholders.


There is a growing requirement for businesses to conduct effective environmental and human rights due diligence

Over the summer, GoodCorporation worked with students from Warwick and SOAS universities to carry out research into three key business ethics areas: artificial intelligence (AI), diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), and ESG.

Our AI project explored the human rights implications of AI tools and the ethical challenges this raises. Our DEI research investigated how UK companies manage DEI, including the indicators monitored and the targets set.

For ESG we conducted research into ESG reporting to gain a deeper understanding of what companies currently report and the targets they set.

Our findings will be published in due course - check our website and LinkedIn profile for updates.

ESG can be a challenge for businesses as they are increasingly required to provide evidence of their commitment to sustainability, integrity and good governance in order to access growing funds of ESG capital.

Knowing that agriculture is a significant source of greenhouse emissions, fertilizer multi-national Yara International worked with GoodCorporation to develop ESG frameworks that were used to evaluate its operations

from an ESG perspective.

This enabled Yara to identify a series of ESG metrics and KPIs that would help the company measure performance and track improvement over time.

GoodCorporation discusses the Norwegian Transparency Act which came into force this summer placing further human rights due diligence obligations on businesses.

The legislation is demanding, as it applies to Norwegian or foreign companies with operations in Norway above a certain size. It also places further public reporting requirements on companies and obliges them to respond to

requests from any stakeholder about human rights risks identified within their operations

The Act joins a growing list of duty of care legislation, showing a clear direction of travel for human rights regulation.

"Congratulations GoodCorporation! You were ahead of your time, now of the time and leading the future, here's to the next 21 years" 

Philippa Foster Back, CBE, GoodCorporation anniversary party