We have vacancies for full-time consultants and analysts at our London office. Click to find out more.

We have vacancies for full-time consultants and analysts at our London office. Click to find out more.

Investigations and monitorship support

When an organisation faces allegations of fraud, bribery or corruption it needs to understand, in detail, the full nature of the allegations and the extent to which any wrongdoing may have taken place.

What we do

GoodCorporation's extensive anti-bribery and corruption experience make it well placed to provide a range of monitorship, debarment and investigation support to help companies manage these difficult challenges to their business.

GC Support for organisations under investigation

Investigations and monitoring support

GoodCorporation works with companies facing investigation, monitorship or debarment to test, strengthen and evaluate their compliance programmes. Our detailed investigation work enables companies to understand the full extent of any wrongdoing. It is also used to provide the basis for subsequent decision-making and future actions.

We work with companies who are under investigation by regulatory authorities. We perform the duties of a monitor to assess, revise and strengthen practices and procedures to help deliver sustained and continuous improvement. We help design and implement 'corporate renewal' programmes and use our benchmarking to evidence that improvements are being made over time.

GoodCorporation is experienced in working with regulatory bodies. Please see the table to our left for examples of the industries we have worked in.

Listen to our podcast to find out more about our approach to investigations

Conducting detailed investigations of misconduct

Using the Logickull eDiscovery platform, we assist our clients in performing detailed investigation work. Logickull provides a cost-effective and rapid way to review large volumes of documentation within a secure environment. Such detailed investigation work provides a sound basis for any necessary decision-making and the subsequent actions required. 

Using Logickull we are able to: 

  • Conduct extensive searches of emails, messaging chats, documents, accounting databases, websites and other electronic information held
  • Upload process and tag documents at speed
  • Apply a tagging system that enables documents to be prioritised, stored and indexed for different searches.
  • Identifiy implicated parties
  • Review email records
  • Review physical and digital documents related to relevant transactions
  • Identify any anomalies, and 
  • Cross-check emails and financial records

Should it be necessary, we are also able to conduct witness interviews and act under legal privilege when commissioned in the appropriate way.


There are five steps to conducting detailed investigations of misconduct.

The GoodCorporation framework on anti-bribery and corruption

Managing monitorships and debarments

Working with a monitor or responding to an actual or potential debarment can be an enormous challenge. For companies facing these difficulties, we use our Anti-Corruption and Integrity Compliance Frameworks to test, strengthen and evaluate their compliance programmes. 

This enables companies to: 

  • Define any failures and their causes
  • Assess the controls that exist and how well they are applied
  • Prepare a programme of mediation to embed adequate procedures
  • Provide the evidence needed to demonstrate sustained and continuous improvement

GoodCorporation has conducted internal investigations of alleged corruption and also worked with organisations under investigation by regulatory authorities.

Building a defence when facing prosecution for corruption or debarment

Building a defence when facing prosecution or debarment is a critical and time consuming exercise. In our podcast below, Leo Martin explains how GoodCorporation's range of services can help.

The podcast explores:

  • The use of benchmarking to provide evidence that adequate procedures are in place to prevent bribery
  • Applying GoodCorporation's integrity analysis methodology to demonstrate that local controls to prevent fraud, corruption, collusion and coercive practices are in place and functioning.

This includes:

  • Due diligence record checks
  • Supplier payment checks 
  • Bank statement reconciliation 
  • Agent and intermediary vetting
  • Customer documentation, and
  • Review of registers

Leo Martin, Director and Co-Founder of GoodCorporation

Debarment podcast

In our debarment podcast, Leo Martin discusses the ways in which GoodCorporation can support companies facing debarment.

We couldn't believe the speed and responsiveness of your team. Everyone was extremely well briefed, knowledgeable and engaged.

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