GoodCorporation has undertaken work both in the defence sector and for companies supplying into the defence sector. The pressures on these companies are very specific and GoodCorporation has developed a number of industry specific assessments tailored to the needs of its defence sector clients. This work includes bespoke assessments and bribery and corruption prevention. Many of the pressures in the defence sector are also pushing firms to undertake careful due diligence of agents and intermediaries as well as ethics training.

We have advised a leading European defence company to help support its sales efforts to a key client. The client is under pressure itself to ensure that its purchases of defence equipment come from an reputable company with no risk of corruption. GoodCorporation has undertaken a detailed review of the company’s anti-corruption programme against the requirements of the GoodCorporation Anti-Corruption Framework. GoodCorporation then did a detailed review of its use of agents. These agents’ payments and commissions were benchmarked against international best practice and GoodCorporation’s view on good practice. The summary report was used by our client to help support its sales efforts to its key client.

We also worked with BAE to develop a methodology for internal audits which injects a review of Ethical Business Conduct by taking additional account of behavioural and cultural issues and integrating them into the group’s internal audit programme. GoodCorporation worked alongside BAE’s Internal Audit team to enlarge the scope of the audits to identify relevant stakeholders, ethical business conduct issues and to include stakeholder interviewing and feedback.

Once the audit methodology had been developed and agreed, we worked together with BAE’s Internal Audit Department to embed the new methodology in a range of different group audits.

“GoodCorporation has a thorough understanding of how to measure Ethical Business Conduct and to build this into the audit process. Analysing Ethical Business Conduct and Non-financial Risk is a challenge for many businesses and we are very pleased that we have been able to take such a leading position through our work with GoodCorporation.” Grenville Hodge, Group Audit Director, BAE Systems.

Our clients in this sector have included: BAE Systems, Airbus, QinetiQ