The telecoms sector continues to be a critical force for growth and innovation. However, the sector’s infrastructure means that in many areas competition is limited and there is an important regulatory role to ensure that behaviour by firms in terms of prices, services and products meets society’s expectations. GoodCorporation’s work in this sector helps our clients to measure responsible business behaviour and corporate culture. We work with companies to put in place ethical and commercially sensible policies and practices that meet the regulator’s demands and the expectations of customers. Most recently this has included work on data protection, assessing the adequacy of procedures to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In telecoms, the pricing challenges are significant. Our assessments have found real challenges in developing pricing policies and systems that deliver clarity and fairness for the customer. Where tariffs are not clear or not understood, reputation can be damaged.

Much of the growth and opportunity for telecoms companies exists in emerging markets. In some of these markets there are significant challenges of interfacing with governments in a fair and responsible way. In these markets there are also challenges in terms of employee practices, quality and reliability of suppliers and partners, as well as challenges in terms of CSR and community relations. Our assessments have helped our clients operating in these environments to carefully measure and assess how well business practices work and help our clients put in place corrective actions where they are needed.

Our clients in this sector have included: BT, Vodafone, Orange (France Telecom), Computacenter, Logicalis, Telefónica and O2.