Food & Drink

The food and drink sector has faced a number of high profile ethical scandals in the recent past, from revelations of slavery in the supply chain to the horsemeat contamination scandal.

GoodCorporation has worked for several leading food and drink organisations to help them assess their ethics and compliance risks. Our projects in this sector have focused on a variety of issues from anti-bribery programmes to data protection (GDPR compliance) and code of conduct effectiveness reviews. We have also helped companies with policy development, food labelling issues, responsible marketing, competition issues, transparency of pricing and clarity of in-store promotions. Advice on supplier relationships, discounting and promotions has also been provided.

In addition to audit and assessment work, we have also conducted and developed face-to-face and on-line ethics training as well as built whole compliance programmes.

Our work at Adnams, showed how a recognised leader in corporate responsibility used our assessment and certification to help promote its ethical credentials and improve its sustainability performance.

Our clients in this sector have included: Adnams, Diageo, Nestlé, Hard Rock Café, Sainsbury’s and Danone