GoodCorporation has worked for leading pharmaceutical firms in the UK with significant operations in the US and Western Europe. We have conducted assessments against the GoodCorporation Standard as well as anti-bribery and corruption assessments.

To provide a global perspective on the effectiveness of anti-bribery and ethics programmes we have conducted a number of assessments in overseas subsidiaries, so have an in depth understanding of the ethics and compliance risks of operating in some of the world’s more challenging markets.

Transparency in the relationship between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies has dominated this sector for some time. We have been working with our clients to help them formulate best practice in responding to the current disclosure requirements.

Our ethics and compliance work has also involved the development of training programmes tailored to the needs of this sector.

“Hikma engaged GoodCorporation, recognised worldwide as one of the leading organisations working in the field of corporate responsibility and business ethics, to conduct a risk assessment that would provide a benchmark and goals to improve Hikma’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption (“ABC”) programme.” Hikma Annual Report 2016

“GoodCorporation has provided us with a means of measuring and benchmarking our corporate responsibility performance based on stakeholder feedback that is accurate and commercially useful to the company.” Acambis

Our clients in this sector have included: Hikma, Shire, Acambis and the pharmaceuticals division of a worldwide food manufacturer.